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30-Aug-2013Collective Decision-Making in Honey Bees during Nest-Site SelectionMakinson, James Christopher
Jul-2014Collective defense portfolios shift consistently with social parasite pressureJongepier, Evelien; Kleeberg, Isabelle; Job, Sylwester; Foitzik, Susanne
Jul-2014Collective nutritional wisdom: from slime molds to ant coloniesDussutour, Audrey
7-Aug-2014Collective watching and faith exploration: the Alpha Course in a Sydney evangelical congregationDoherty, Shannon Marie
27-Oct-2014Collisions: drawing in the digital ageMcBurnie, Jonathan
1869Colonial law reformFisher, T.J. (Thomas John)
Jul-2014Colony Breeding Structure of the Invasive Termite Reticulitermes urbisPerdereau, Elfie; Velona, Alessandro; Dupont, Simon; Labedan, Marjorie; Luchetti, Andrea; Mantovani, Barbara; Bagneres, Anne-Genevieve
Jul-2014Colony defense and plasticity of the Stingless bee, Tetragonisca angustulaJernigan, Christopher; Roubik, David; Wcislo, William; Smith, Brian
2012Colorectal cancer screening: Why immunochemical fecal occult blood tests may be the best optionFlitcroft, K; Irwig, LM; Carter, SM; Salkeld, G; Gillespie, James; VELiM
AristotleColoribus1548.tif.jpg25-Jan-2008De coloribus libellus, Simone Portio Neapolitano Latinitate donatus, & commentariis illustratus: una cum ejusdem praefatione, qua coloris naturam declarat. Florentiae, Ex officina Laurentii Torrentini, 1548.Aristotle
2004Colour Terms, Syntax and Bayes Modelling Acquisition and EvolutionDowman, Mike
2009Colouring (in) virtue? Evangelicalism, work and whiteness on Maloga MissionMcLisky, Claire
16-Jan-2015COLOURS IN A BLACK WORLD Capturing the Voices of the Blind through the Development of a Radio DramaHasanloo, Zhila
May-1998The Colt from Old Regret: Staging Power and the Lineage of the ChaseBaker, Bernadette
FoS_168.TIF.jpg23-Nov-1964Combat in orbit-
24-Oct-2013Combinations between platinum drugs and bortezomib and changes in nature of administration in ovarian tumour modelsAl-Eisawi, Zaynab
6-Jan-2015Combinatorial Auction-based Mechanisms for Composite Web Service SelectionMoghaddam, Mahboobeh
Jul-2010Combinatorics of Option Spreads: The Margining AspectMatsypura, D.; Timkovsky, V.G.; Discipline of Business Analytics
Jul-2006Combined Deletion of Y1, Y2, and Y4 Receptors Prevents Hypothalamic Neuropeptide Y Overexpression-Induced Hyperinsulinemia despite Persistence of Hyperphagia and ObesityLin, E-JD; Sainsbury, Amanda; Lee, NJ; Boey, D; Couzens, M; Enriquez, R; Slack, K; Bland, R; During, MJ; Herzog, H
2008Combining ability of resistance to Fusarium crown rot of bread wheatHerde DJ; McNamara RB; Wildermuth GB