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31-Mar-2015Clinical and molecular aspects of adrenal tumourigenesisIp, Julian Chung Yan
2002Clinical and Molecular Biological Studies in Hirschsprung's DiseaseCroaker, Geoffrey David Hain
2009A Clinical And Molecular Genetic Study Of Oligodontia In Three Australian FamiliesMalandris, Michael; Faculty of Dentistry
6-Jan-2015Clinical and Neurophysiological correlates of cortical excitability changes studied using the cortical threshold tracking TMS in hyperkinetic and hypokinetic movement disordersKim, Samuel Doohwan
2-Dec-2016Clinical and Pharmacological Investigation of Myotoxicity in Sri Lankan Russell's Viper (Daboia russelii) EnvenomingSilva, A.; Johnston, C.; Kuruppu, S.; Kneisz, D.; Maduwage, K.; Kleifeld, O.; Smith, A. I.; Siribaddana, S.; Buckley, N. A.; Hodgson, W. C.; Isbister, G. K.; Discipline of Pharmacology
2-Dec-2016Clinical and Pharmacological Investigation of Myotoxicity in Sri Lankan Russell's Viper (Daboia russelii) Envenoming.Silva, A; Johnston, C; Kuruppu, S; Kneisz, D; Maduwage, K; Kleifeld O, O; Smith AI, AI; Siribaddana, S; Buckley, NA; Hodgson, WC; Isbister, GK
1999Clinical and pharmacological studies of orofacial pain.Vickers, Edward Russell
14-May-2014Clinical Application of the Food Insulin Index to Diabetes MellitusBell, Kirstine
4-Mar-2016Clinical Associations of Chronotypes in Adolescents and Young Adults with Mental DisordersFares, Sarah
1978A Clinical Comparison Of Direct And Indirect Bonding In OrthodonticsSchimann, Rolf R.; Faculty of Dentistry
31-Aug-2014A clinical data analytics language (CliniDAL)Safari, Leila
12-Jan-2017The Clinical Epidemiology of Childhood Encephalitis in AustraliaBritton, Philip Neil
2010Clinical Ethics Case Study 10: For the record: Should our patient’s relatives be able to record her treatment?Newson, A.J.
2009Clinical Ethics Case Study 8: Should we carry out a predictive genetic test in our young patient?Newson, A.J.
2009Clinical Ethics Case Study 9: Should we inform our patient about animal products in his medicine?Newson, A.J.
2011Clinical Ethics Committee Case 16: A request from an accident and emergency department – should we give our patient a blood transfusion?Newson, A.J.
2012Clinical Ethics Committee Case 17: A paramedic sustains a bite while attending a callout. The assailant refuses testing for HIV or Hepatitis C: what should we do?Newson, A.J.
2009Clinical Ethics Committee case 5: Should we discharge our vulnerable patient to a family who seem unable to look after her?Newson, A.J.
2009Clinical ethics committee case 6: Our patient wishes to take an unlisted drug though we’re not sure of his diagnosis.Newson, A.J.