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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Mar-2014Channel estimation, synchronisation and contention resolution in wireless communication networksZhao, Qiong
FoS_090.TIF.jpg3-Jun-1963The channel tunnel-
19-Apr-2012Channel VocoderCarney, Thomas
DEF4-1.tif.jpg3-Jul-2007Chanson d'amourZani de Ferranti, Marco Aurelio
30-Oct-2014Chaos/ArtHobbs, Adrian David
2007Chapter 1 - Australia’s first ActAtkinson, Benedict
2010Chapter 1 - New Britain with the French Islands and the Duke of YorksParkinson, Richard
2010Chapter 10 - LanguagesParkinson, Richard
2007Chapter 10. – A new British Act and the Spicer CommitteeAtkinson, Benedict
2010Chapter 11 - Cultigens and Useful Plants, Domesticated and Hunted AnimalsParkinson, Richard
2007Chapter 11 – The road to the new Australian Copyright ActAtkinson, Benedict
2010Chapter 12 - History of DiscoveryParkinson, Richard
2007Chapter 12 – Developments in Australia after 1968Atkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 13 – After 1980: collecting societies and software copyrightAtkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 14 – The Age of AmericaAtkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 15 – Policy observationsAtkinson, Benedict
2010Chapter 1: The good mother in theory and research: an overviewGoodwin, Susan; Huppatz, Kate
2007Chapter 2 - International developments.Atkinson, Benedict
2010Chapter 2 - New Ireland, New Hanover and their Offshore IslandsParkinson, Richard
2010Chapter 3 - St Matthias and the Neighbouring IslandsParkinson, Richard