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1982Comparative morphology and karyology of the Australian members of the family agamidae and their phylogenetic implicationsWitten, Geoffrey James
2012Comparative Nationalism: Imperial Legacies and the Strength of Nationalism: The Case of China and India since the 1990sZylowski, Maike; Department of Government and International Relations
2012Comparative pathology and ecological implications of two myxosporean parasites in native Australian frogs and the invasive cane toad.Hartigan, A.; Dhand, Navneet K.; Rose, K; Slapeta, J; Phalen, D. N.
2008Comparative proteomic analysis of the metabolic seed protein fraction in the Italian durum wheat cv. Svevo after heat treatmentLaino P; Shelton D; Finnie C; De Leonardis AM; Mastrangelo AM; Svensson B; Lafiandra D; Masci S
2002A Comparative Quantitative Analysis Of The Mineral Composition Of Human Premolar Cementum After The Application Of Orthodontic Forces m- An Epma StudyRex, Teriko; Faculty of Dentistry
2000Comparative Studies on Plasma Vitamin D Binding ProteinLaing, Christopher James
1994A comparative study of Alzheimers Disease, Multi Infarct Dementia and the AIDS Dementia ComplexGriffiths, Nicola; Behavioural & Social Sciences in Health
1974Comparative study of American and Australian Catholic reaction to European diplomatic crises: 1935 to 1939.Kneipp, Mary Pauline
17-Nov-2007A Comparative Study of American Option Valuation and ComputationRodolfo, Karl
9-Aug-2016Comparative Study of e-Practice in an American University and an Australian UniversitySadeghi, Sayed Hadi
30-Aug-2014Comparative study of orthopantomograph & cone beam computed tomography as pre-operative diagnostic tools for lower third molar surgeryKanagaratnam, Rajkumar
1989A Comparative Study Of Paper Points As A Method Of Sampling BacteriaYoung, Jeffrey K; Faculty of Dentistry
2013Comparative study of the commonly used virulence tests for laboratory diagnosis of ovine footrot caused by Dichelobacter nodosus in Australia.Dhungyel, Om P.; Hill, Ashley E.; Dhand, Navneet K.; Whittington, Richard J.; Veterinay Science
2005A Comparative Study Of The Quality Of Services Of Public Transportation In The City Of Campos Dos Goytacazes, BrazilDuarte, Patricia; De Souza, Daniel
2008A comparative study of three international construction firms : knowledge management infrastructures for optimising organisations' learningWu, Chee Shien Jeremy.; Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning
Jul-2014Comparing aversive and appetitive learning performances in individual honeybeesJunca, Pierre; Garnery, Lionel; Sandoz, Jean-Christophe
Oct-2011Comparing learned predictiveness effects within and across compound discriminationsLivesey, Evan J; Thorwart, Anna; De Fina, Nicole L; Harris, Justin A
18-Jun-2007Comparing survival from cancer using population-based cancer registry data - methods and applicationsYu, Xue Qin
25-Feb-2015Comparing ‘apples with apples’: professional accounting practices in university classroom discourseMcPherson, Jennifer Anne
2006Comparison And Reliability Assessment Of "P Distance" With Conventional Lower Incisor Measurements. A Long Cephalometric StudySrinivasan, Vasantha Kumar; Faculty of Dentistry