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31-Mar-2015Characterising the Clinical Heterogeneity of Type 1 DiabetesPoon, Myra Sui Yen
28-Aug-2013Characterising the effect of Niobium-rich clusters on the microstructure-property relationships in CASTRIP® steelsShrestha, Sachin
2017Characterising the impact of ergot alkaloids on digestibility and growth performance of lambsCoufal-Majewski, Stephanie
30-Jun-2015Characterising the phosphorylation of YB-1Al Jabry, Tariq Saud Hamad
31-Mar-2014Characterising the Role of HSPGs in Aqueous and FGF-2 - Induced Lens Epithelial Cell ProliferationAmed, Souad
20-Sep-2016Characteristation of positive welfare indices in captive african lions (Panthera leo)Schildkraut, Rachael
2013Characteristics in the first vaginal birth and their association with mode of delivery in the subsequent birthChen, Jian Sheng; Ford, Jane B.; Ampt, A.J.; Simpson, J.M.; Roberts, Christine L.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
2008Characteristics of biochemical markers and quality parameters using whole wheat flours in Korean wheat cultivars and linesPark CS; Woo SH; Heo HY; Park JC; Cheong YK; Kim JG
10-May-2017Characteristics of extinct spreading centers and the relationship between spreading ridges, hotspots and deep mantle structureMacLeod, Sarah J
12-Jul-2017Characteristics of Mammographic Density for Women in ChinaLi, Tong
1976Characteristics Of Organisation Of Dental Private Practice In AustraliaRichards, Peter R; Faculty of Dentistry
2014Characteristics of persons convicted for offences relating to animal hoarding in New South WalesJoffe, M; O’Shannessy, D; Dhand, Navneet K.; Westman, M; Fawcett, A; Veterinay Science
27-Nov-2014The characteristics of potatoes differing in glycemic indexEk, Kai Lin
2013Characteristics of the Supranormal Speaking Voice: Radio PerformersWarhurst, Samantha
2013Characteristics, causes and treatment of postpartum haemorrhage in first and second pregnanciesFord, Jane B.; Shand, A.W.; Roberts, Christine L.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
2008Characterization of ABA sensitivity mutants altered abiotic stress tolerance in common wheatKobayashi F; Takumi S; Handa H
Jul-2014Characterization of Bifidobacteria in the Indigenous Honeybee of Saudi ArabiaAnsari, Mohammad; Al-Ghamdi, Ahmad; Khan, Khalid
2008Characterization of Elymus humidus as a candidate for genetic resource of wheat water toleranceSasanuma T; Takata K; Kawaguchi K; Oyanagi A
2008Characterization of low-molecular-weight glutenin subunit genes at Glu-B3 and GluD3 loci and development of functional markers in common wheatWang L; Zhao X; He ZH; Xia XC