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2010Childhood genetic testing for familial cancer: should adoption make a difference?Newson, A.J.; Leonard, S. J.
2-Apr-2017Childhood hepatitis C virus infection: An Australian national surveillance study of incident cases over five yearsRaynes-Greenow, Camille; Polis, Suzanne; Elliott, Elizabeth; Hardikar, Winita; Kesson, Alison; Kaldor, John; Jones, Cheryl A
1994Childhood invasive haemophilus influenzae disease in the Sydney Region : epidemiology, public health importance and preventionMcIntyre, Peter Bruce
25-May-2015Childhood Policies and Practices in the DPRK: A Challenge to Korean UnificationRichardson, Christopher William
19-Dec-2009Childhood to teacher: Pre-service educators' formative musical experiences and their decision to become a classroom music teacherAnderson, Dominique
1983Children and society in New South Wales and Victoria, 1860-1914Kociumbas, Jan
26-Nov-2012Children of a dying race: the development story and governing through raceMcCallum, David; Sociology and Social Policy
1982Children of the dark Rosaleen : a culture and personality study of the IrishCooper, Louise Mary
2003Children with lesbian parents: A community studyGolombok, S; Perry, B; Burston, A; Murray, C; Mooney-Somers, Julie; Stevens, M; Golding, J
Nov-2009Children's Silences in Mareeba Aboriginal EnglishWatts, Janet; Department of Linguistics
Jan-2013The Children’s Attention Project: A community-based longitudinal study of children with ADHD and non-ADHD controls.Sciberras, E; Schilpzand, EJ; Jongeling, B; Ukoumunne, OC; Efron, D; Anderson, V; Hazell, P; Nicholson, JM
12-Jan-2016Children’s Literature, Translation and Censorship: The Spanish Translations of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn under Franco’s Dictatorship (1939-1975)Thompson, Julia Lin
31-Mar-2014Children’s sensitivity to speaker accuracy and explanatory competence with biological conceptsLuu, Betty
2010Children’s Understandings of Mediated Health Campaigns for Childhood ObesityBabooram, Melanie; Mullan, Barbara; Sharpe, Louise
2011Chilly Relationships: The use of history and memory in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales.Selden, Oscar; Department of History
Nov-2015China and Taiwan: Normal is the new normalBabones, Salvatore
9-Oct-2012China at century’s endBabones, Salvatore
15-Jan-2016The China Boom: Why China Will Not Rule the World by Ho-fung HungBabones, Salvatore
16-Aug-2015China hits the wall: The Yuan devaluation and the end of the economic miracleBabones, Salvatore
5-Jul-2017China's Defection in the South China Sea: Its Development, Rationale and LimitationsRaditio, Klaus Heinrich