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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2012CESR Technical Report 1: The quality and usefulness of the NSW Clinical Cancer Registry Minimum Dataset and Colorectal Dataset Extension for colorectal cancer services researchYoung, Jane; Jorgensen, Mikaela; Dobbins, Timothy A.; Solomon, Michael; Sydney School of Public Health
31-Aug-2015CFD Simulation of Annular Flow Boiling in MicrochannelsGuo, Zhenyi
2012CFD simulation of Taylor flow in microchannels : method development and validationNajafi Asadolahi, Azadeh
19-Dec-2011Chained COLAs and the battle over social securityBabones, Salvatore
2004A Challenge for Business? Developments in Indonesian Trade Unionism after SoehartoFord, Michele
Oct-1994The challenge of liberalising airline competition in a less developed country: The case of NepalHooper, Paul; Hutcheson*, Simon; Nyathi, Michael; ITLS
Mar-2015The challenge of obtaining ground truth for GPS processingStopher, Peter; Shen, Li; Liu, Wen; Ahmed, Asif; ITLS
2015The challenge of overdiagnosis begins with its definitionCarter, SM; Rogers, W; Degeling, C; Doust, J; Barratt, A
2002The Challenge to Medical Autonomy and Peer Review Embodied in the Complaints Unit/Health Care Complaints Commission of New South WalesThomas, David Gervaise
Feb-2015The challenges and opportunities of in-depth analysis of multi-day and multi-year dataMoutou, Claudine; Longden, Thomas; Stopher, Peter; Liu, Wen; ITLS
20-Oct-2005Challenges and Prospect of Maintaining Rongga: an Ethnographic ReportArka, I Wayan
2012Challenges associated with clinical studies and the integration of gene expression dataCampain, Anna Elizabeth; School of Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Science
Jan-2015Challenges for Opioid Receptor NomenclatureCox, Brian M; Christie, Macdonald J; Devi, Lakshmi; Toll, Lawrence; Traynor, John R; Discipline of Pharmacology
2010Challenges in assessing the characteristics of influential public health research.Derrick, Gemma E.; Hall, Wayne D; Haynes, Abby S; Chapman, Simon; Redman, Sally; Leeder, Stephen R; Sturk, Heidi; Sydney School of Public Health; The Menzies School for Health Policy
2011Challenges in lemmatising signed language digital video corpora: the measure of lexical frequency in Australian and British signed languagesSchembri, Adam; Johnston, Trevor; Fenlon, Jordan; Cormier, Kearsy; Rentelis, Ramas
2004Challenges in the repatriation of historic recordings to Papua New GuineaNiles, Don; Palie, Vincent
2008The challenges of integrating new technologies into a wheat breeding programmeKuchel, H
2014Challenges to pharmaceutical policymaking: lessons from Australia’s National Medicines PolicyLipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Doran, E; Day, R
2016Challenges to the validity of using medicine labels to categorise clinical behaviour: an empirical and normative critique of ‘off-label’ prescribingGhinea, N; Kerridge, I; Little, M; Lipworth, W
26-Aug-2017Challenging Functional Decline as a driver of care for hospitalised older adults: A discursive ethnographyMoreau, Jeannine Therese