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Apr-2001Central but Not Peripheral Glucocorticoid Infusion in Adrenalectomized Male Rats Increases Basal and Substrate-Induced Insulinemia through a Parasympathetic PathwaySainsbury, Amanda; Wilks, D; Cooney, GJ
6-Jun-2016Central circuits underlying conditioned pain modulationYoussef, Andrew M.
Dec-2011Central neuropeptide Y infusion and melanocortin 4 receptor antagonism inhibit thyrotropic function by divergent pathwaysPreston, E; Cooney, JG; Wilks, D; Baran, K; Zhang, L; Kraegen, EW; Sainsbury, Amanda
29-Dec-2016The “central state” and the almighty DollarBabones, Salvatore
10-Nov-2011Centralized labor agreements in Finland: How unions, companies, and government can work together for a better societyBabones, Salvatore
2011Centre and Periphery: Spatial Strategies of Storytelling in Herodotus' HistoriesStone, Irene Elizabeth May; Department of Classics and Ancient History
2006The Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in MedicineLittle, M; Kerridge, I
CentreJointUpperChord12_9_30.tif.jpg24-Mar-2006Centre joint - upper chord-
CentreJointLowerChord25_7_30.tif.jpg24-Mar-2006Centre joint, lower chord - North side-
CentrePointTopChord.tif.jpg24-Mar-2006Centre point of top chord-
Feb-2015Centre-Triggered Pulsed Cathodic Arc Spacecraft Propulsion SystemsNeumann, Patrick Reinhard Christian
1978Centric Occlusion And Centric Relation In The Natural DentitionBook, Vimbie Negapatan; Faculty of Dentistry
29-Mar-2012CEO pay: money well earned?Babones, Salvatore
1988A Cephalometric Analysis Of Changes Occuring During And After Begg TreatmentGoh, Gek Kiow; Faculty of Dentistry
1992Cephalometric Analysis Of Deutero-Malay IndonesianMunanda, Drg. Susanti; Faculty of Dentistry
1968A Cephalometric Appraisal Of Orthodontic Correction Of OverbiteCostello, Maurice J; Faculty of Dentistry
1976A Cephalometric Study Of Profile Changes In Begg Orthodontic TherapySoedaryanto, Drg; Faculty of Dentistry
1979A Cephalometric Study Of Short Term Mandibular Adaptations To Bite Opening With A Maxillary Bite PlateRapaport, Morris; Faculty of Dentistry
Jun-2005A Cereal Chemist's Quick Guide to Genetics, Plant Breeding and BioITFincher, Geoffrey B.; Johnson, Clare; Value Added Wheat CRC
1999Cereal structure and compositionEvers, A. D; Blakeney, A. B; O'Brien, L