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2007What Is Strategy In Urban Mobility Systems?Macário, Rosário
2013What is the evidence for clinical placements in underserved areas?Perkins, David; Daly, Michele
Jul-2014What is the relationship between altitude and ant colony size?Chen, Yi-Huei; Robinson, Elva
25-Feb-2015What is the relative advantage of an Australian tertiary degree to returnee and migrant Korean students, compared to U.S. and Korean tertiary degrees?Lawrance, Christopher David
2014What is this active surveillance thing? Men's and partners' reactions to treatment decision making for prostate cancer when active surveillance is the recommended treatment optionO'Callaghan, C; Dryden, T; Hyatt, A; Brooker, J; Burney, S; Wootten, A; Schofield, P
2013What is transmedia? Projects and thoughts beyond the buzzword.Ciancia, Mariana
1998What is Wheat Quality? What is Australian Wheat Used For?Ronalds, John; Johnson, Clare; Quality Wheat CRC
Jul-2016What it takes to design a supply chain resilient to major disruptions and recurrent interruptionsFahimnia, Behnam; Jabbarzadeh, Armin; ITLS
Jul-2014What makes a reproductive worker in a clonal ant?Bernadou, Abel; Alciatore, Giacomo; Cardoso, Danon Clemes; Cristiano, Maykon Passos; Heinze, Jürgen
2009What makes a society? Lessons from the AntipodesBabones, Salvatore
2006What might the voices of the second generation tell us?Mooney-Somers, Julie
1998What on earth is dough strength?Ronalds, John; Johnson, Clare; Quality Wheat CRC
19-Feb-2013What should be done about policy on alcohol pricing and promotions? Australian experts’ views of policy priorities: a qualitative interview studyFogarty, Andrea Susan; Chapman, Simon
Dec-2015What they want: Inclusion of Blood and Marrow Transplant Survivor Preference in the Development of Models of Care for Long-Term Health in Sydney, AustraliaDyer, G.; Gilroy, N.; Brown, L.; Hogg, M.; Brice, L.; Kabir, M.; Greenwood, M.; Larsen, S.R.; Moore, J.; Hertzberg, M.; Kwan, J.; Huang, G.; Tan, J.; Ward, C; Kerridge, I
2013What to think of canine obesity? Emerging challenges to our understanding of human-animal health relationships.Degeling, C; Kerridge, I; Rock, M
2009What Triggers and Barriers to Practicing Consumption Ideals Must Be Addressed By Sustainable Consumption Solutions?Oberthur, David; School of Geosciences
14-May-2018What Trump’s ZTE tweets tell us about China and the bigger issue of a trade warBabones, Salvatore
Nov-2012What type of road pricing scheme might appeal to politicians? Gaining the citizen vote by staging reformHensher, David A.; Bliemer, Michiel C. J.; ITLS
2014What Type of Road Pricing Scheme might appeal to Politicians? Viewpoints on the Challenge in gaining the citizen and public servant vote by staging reformHensher, David A.; Bliemer, Michiel C. J.
2013What Village Are You From? An Archaeology of Objects and Identity in the Australian Lebanese Community.Abboud, Mariam Vivienne; Department of Archaeology