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FoS_121.TIF.jpg7-Jan-1964Birth of the solar system-
5-Jun-2015Birthplace safety: an exploration of differences between primary maternity units and tertiary hospitals in women’s decision-making, transfers and birth outcomes – the New Zealand ‘Evaluating Maternity Units’ studyGrigg, Celia Phyllis
1968Bishop Matthew Quinn and the development of Catholic education in New South Wales, 1865-1885Sweeney, Brian John; Faculty of Education
20-Sep-2016Bisphosphonates, Menopausal Hormone Therapy and Risk Factors for Breast Cancer in AustraliaSalagame, Usha Ganesh
2013Biting machine, a performance art experiment in human-robot interaction.Granjon, Paul
2002Black Europeans, the Indian coolies and empire : colonialisation and christianized Indians in colonial Malaya & Singapore, c. 1870s - c. 1950sRerceretnam, Marc; Faculty of Economics and Business
4-Mar-2014Black-market lottery: organ donation and the international transplant tradeBendorf, A
2001Blacksands settlement : a case for urban permanence in VanuatuMecartney, Sarah Anne Nautong; School of Geosciences
28-Sep-2016Blame, Responsibility and Positioning in the Global Financial Crisis: A Critical Analysis of US, UK and Australian Newspaper Opinion TextsCope, Jennifer Elaine
Jul-2014Blattabacterium function, genome degradation and loss in primitive termitesLo, Nathan
Jun-2004Blending: consequences for wheat breedingTonkin, R. E; Cornish, G. B; Value Added Wheat CRC
2016The Blind BirdhouseFahy, Nicholas; Hargreaves, Lillian (Nom de Plume)
2001Bliss Delight and Pleasure in Paradise LostAvin, Ittamar Johanan
30-Mar-2016Block-Wise Pseudo-Marginal Metropolis-HastingsTran, M.-N.; Kohn, R.; Quiroz, M.; Villani, M.; Discipline of Business Analytics, University of Sydney
19-Mar-2007The Blog as a High-impact Institutional Communication ToolGoodfellow, Tom; Graham, Sarah
31-Aug-2014Blood protein and platelet interactions on surface engineered biomaterialsNandakumar, Deepika
2014Blood Transfusion During Pregnancy, Birth, and the Postnatal PeriodPatterson, Jillian A.; Roberts, Christine L.; Bowen, J.R.; Irving, D.O.; Isbister, J.P.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Ford, Jane B.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
Mar-2008Blood vessel growth in primate retinal development: Relationship of retinal maturation with choriocapillaris growth and a role for TGF-β in the retina.Allende, Marie Alexandra
30-Oct-2005Bloodworm Resistant RiceHughes, Dr Peter
15-Jan-2009Blurred boundaries: how paid careworkers and care managers negotiate work relationshipsMears, Jane