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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-2003Beyond the ‘Parsonian Problem of Order’: Elias, Habit and Contemporary Sociology or Hobbes was Rightvan Krieken, Robert
20-Dec-2016Beyond Vision Loss: Understanding the Impact of Cataract on Fall Risk and Health in Older AustraliansPalagyi, Anna
2002Bi-tone techniques and notation in contemporary guitar music compositionSainsbury, Christopher; Sydney Conservatorium of Music
2014Bias in area under the curve for longitudinal RCTsBell, M; King, M; Fairclough, D
2015Bias in feline plasma biochemistry results between three in-house analysers and a commercial laboratory analyser: results should not be directly comparedBaral, Randolph M.; Dhand, Navneet K.; Morton, John M.; Krockenberger, Mark B.; Govendir, Merran; Veterinay Science
13-Jan-2014Biases and mechanisms in perceptual memoryAl-Dossari, Munira
2004The Bible as a ‘pretty good political handbook’: an examination of the way that George W Bush’s evangelical faith has shaped his political agendaWinter, Christine; Department of Studies in Religion
2009BibliographyPellow, Belinda J.
12-Feb-2014BibliographyDianne, Johnson
2007BibliographyAtkinson, Benedict
20-Feb-2007The Bidwern projectMonus, Leo; McKenzie, Kim; Garde, Murray
Jun-2008Bifurcation problems in chaotically stirred reaction-diffusion systemsMenon, Shakti Narayana
2008The Big B of Bread wheat - 3B - exploring the structure; function; and evolution of the hexaploid wheat genomeKilian, A; Feuillet, C; Paux, E; Sourdille, P; Salse, J; Saintenac, C; Choulet, F; Leroy, P; Korol, AB; Spielmeyer, W; Lagudah, E; Somers, D; Allaux, M; Bergès, H; Appels R; Dolezel, J; Bernard, M; Feuillet, C
FoS_197.TIF.jpg14-Jun-1965"Big Bang" theory challenged-
FoS036.tif.jpg14-May-1962The big bang?-
2006Big Country, Subtle Voices: Three Ethnic Poets from China's SouthwestDayton, D
2017Big Data, Curly Fries and the IndividualMcKenna, Travis; Abraham, Olly (Nom de Plume)
27-Mar-2012Big debts in small packages — the dangers of pens and post-it notesKomesaroff, P; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I
11-Sep-2014Big Food with a regional flavour: how Australia’s food lobby worksMayes, C; Kaldor, J
063.TIF.jpg19-Nov-1962The big killer-