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26-Aug-2013Biology of colour signalling reptilesBallen, Margaret
1985Biology Of Growth Adaptation And Remodelling Of Temporomandibular Joint Structures And Some Orthodontic ImplicationsManku, Amrik S; Faculty of Dentistry
2012The biology of weight controlSainsbury, Amanda
18-Aug-2016Biomarker Analysis in Paediatric Tumours Diagnosed within A Single InstitutionThwe, Le Myo
29-Aug-2013Biomarkers and Genetics in Marfan SyndromeLu, Yaxin
3-Feb-2011Biomarkers of endogenous fatty acids and risk of coronary heart disease : the Cardiovascular Health StudyWu, Jason; Sydney School of Public Health
2001A biomechanical investigation of the effects of pregnancy on spinal motion and rising to stand from a chairGilleard, Wendy
31-Aug-2014Biomechanics and Remodelling for Design and Optimisation in Oral Prosthesis and Therapeutical ProcedureChen, Junning
25-Aug-2014Biomedical applications of a synthetic nanoclay (Laponite (R))Ghadiri, Maliheh
1986Biometrics With The Palatally Displaced Maxillary Permanent CanineImer, Michael D; Faculty of Dentistry
27-Jan-2016Biomimetic 3D scaffold for cancer researchMa, Yujia
16-Dec-2013Biophysical Determinants of the Behaviour of Human Myelinated AxonsHowells, James Anthony
1961The biophysiological aspects of full maxillary immediate denture insertion : a critical reviewMurphy, Barbara I; Faculty of Dentistry
27-May-2016The Biopsychosocial Assessment of Pain Mechanisms in Women with EndometriosisPeters, Kathleen Mary
18-Feb-2013Biosensitive Functionalised Silicon Surfaces: towards Biosensitive Field-Effect-TransistorsGuo, Chuan
1972The biosynthesis of parathyroid hormone and its binding to the cells of boneO'Grady, Robert Leslie; Faculty of Dentistry
Mar-2003Biotechnical engineering on alluvial riverbanks of southeastern Australia: A quantified model of the earth-reinforcing properties of some native riparian treesDocker, Benjamin Brougham
5-Jan-2013Birdwhispers: the role of art in enabling communities to imagine the sustainable future of their environment, particularly the Barmah ForestMacAulay, Kerry Ann
FoS_121.TIF.jpg7-Jan-1964Birth of the solar system-
5-Jun-2015Birthplace safety: an exploration of differences between primary maternity units and tertiary hospitals in women’s decision-making, transfers and birth outcomes – the New Zealand ‘Evaluating Maternity Units’ studyGrigg, Celia Phyllis