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15-May-2015Biogeography, diversity and phylogeny of Fusarium oxysporum from natural ecosystems of AustraliaLaurence, Matthew Hurst
Jul-2014Biogeography, Ecology and Evolution of ant genus Myrmica from HimalayaBharti, Himender
2010BiographiesFitzgerald, Brian
2010BiographiesFitzgerald, Brian
31-Aug-2014Biohydropyrolysis of polymeric components of E-wasteChan, Oi Sum
30-Mar-2015Bioinformatics Analysis of Factors Controlling GranulopoiesisGao, Dadi
21-Mar-2016Biological Activities of Anti-Diabetic Transition Metals (V, Mo, W, and Cr)Safitri, Anna
Nov-2005The Biological And Financial Impact Of Ovine Johne’s Disease In AustraliaBush, Russell David
1966Biological and morphometric study of a new species of Myrmecia (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).Gray, Barry John
30-Mar-2015Biological Network Analysis through Global Pairwise and Multi-way Network AlignmentRadu, Alexandru Sorin
29-Aug-2014Biological parameter estimation for longitudinal imaging in the rodent brainWimberley, Catriona
2014Biological variation and reference change values of feline plasma biochemistry analytes.Baral, Randolph M.; Dhand, Navneet K.; Freeman, Kathleen P.; Krockenberger, Mark B.; Govendir, Merran; Veterinay Science
1989The biology and behaviour of Chital deer (Axis axis) in captivityChapple, Rosalie Susan
2010Biology and integrated pest management of the elephant weevil borer, orthorhinus cylindrirostris (EWB) (fabricius) (coleoptera: curculionidae) in blueberriesMurdoch, Gregory; Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
31-Aug-2011The Biology and Management of Chestnut Rot in Southeastern AustraliaShuttleworth, Lucas Alexander
19-Feb-2009Biology and Molecular Biology of New HIV-1 Recombinants from MalaysiaLau, Katherine Aik Hee
5-Jan-2015The biology of BRAF-­‐mutant melanoma and biomarkers of response to targeted therapyMenzies, Alexander Maxwell
26-Aug-2013Biology of colour signalling reptilesBallen, Margaret
1985Biology Of Growth Adaptation And Remodelling Of Temporomandibular Joint Structures And Some Orthodontic ImplicationsManku, Amrik S; Faculty of Dentistry
2012The biology of weight controlSainsbury, Amanda