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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-May-2013Behaviour of sandy soil subjected to dynamic loadingNazhat, Yahya Nazar Yahya
1992Behaviour of single piles and pile groups in calcareous sedimentsAl-Douri, Riadh H
12-Mar-2016Behaviour of ventilated hollow core slabs for improving the energy efficiency of office buildingsFaheem, Ahmed
1983Behaviour Therapy In The Treatment Of Oral Behavioural DisordersHowe, Evelyn L. C; Faculty of Dentistry
2000The behavioural and neural effects of cannabinoids: Studies using Lewis and Wistar strain ratsArnold, Jonathon Carl
Jul-2014Behavioural effect of Rickia wasmannii (Laboulbeniales) on Myrmica scabrinodis workersBathori, Ferenc; Csata, Eniko; Tartally, Andras
2013Behavioural implications of preferences, risk attitudes and beliefs in modelling risky travel choice with travel time variabilityHensher, David A.; Li, Zheng
2-Sep-2013Behaviours, motivations and values: Validity, reliability, and utility of novice motorcyclist' self-report in road safety researchSakashita, Chika
30-Jun-2016Behind the scenes of contemporary Australian composition for the classical saxophone: A study of selected composers and current trends since 1990Watts, Simon James
30-Sep-2015Behind the wheel: Can education enhance self-regulation among older drivers living in the community? An investigation into safe community mobility in later lifeCoxon, Kristy Louise
2004Being Affected: The meanings and functions of Japanese passive constructionsIwashita, Mami
Jan-2016Being Human: The Ethics, Law, and Scientific Progress of Genome EditingNewson, A.J.; Wrigley, A
2014Being in music: music performance dysfunction through guided imagery and musicNathan, Micaela
2014Being no-one : the life of Mollie SkinnerKearns, Barbara
16-Jun-2008Being Political in German Theatre and Performance: Anna Langhoff and Christoph SchingensiefVarney, Denise
28-Mar-2013Being the Bottom Line: Mothers' Experiences of Fostering Networks That Will Support Their Son or Daughter with DisabilitiesWhitaker, Louise Jan
2-Sep-2014Beirut modernism: theoretical framework and case studyKassab, Maroun Ghassan
24-Jul-2015Belief Space SchedulingPalmer, Andrew W.
31-Dec-2015Beliefs About Emotions: A Psychometric Investigation Of The Leahy Emotional Schemas ScaleRosenkoetter, Ulrike
2010Beliefs and beyond: what can we learn from qualitative studies of lay people’s understandings of cancer risk?Lipworth, W; Davey, H; Carter, SM; Hooker, C; Hu, W