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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Being in music: music performance dysfunction through guided imagery and musicNathan, Micaela
2014Being no-one : the life of Mollie SkinnerKearns, Barbara
16-Jun-2008Being Political in German Theatre and Performance: Anna Langhoff and Christoph SchingensiefVarney, Denise
28-Mar-2013Being the Bottom Line: Mothers' Experiences of Fostering Networks That Will Support Their Son or Daughter with DisabilitiesWhitaker, Louise Jan
2-Sep-2014Beirut modernism: theoretical framework and case studyKassab, Maroun Ghassan
24-Jul-2015Belief Space SchedulingPalmer, Andrew W.
31-Dec-2015Beliefs About Emotions: A Psychometric Investigation Of The Leahy Emotional Schemas ScaleRosenkoetter, Ulrike
2010Beliefs and beyond: what can we learn from qualitative studies of lay people’s understandings of cancer risk?Lipworth, W; Davey, H; Carter, SM; Hooker, C; Hu, W
Jun-2003Benchmarking North American Wheat Samples for Sponge and Dough Bread ProductionQuail, Ken; Value Added Wheat CRC
1999Benchmarking of Mobility Networks Performances: Competitive Threat or Cooperative Tool?Mathieu, Yves; Plantié, Claire
Dec-2009The Benefits (and Limitations) of Business History to the Study of Management and Organisations: The Example of the Global Diffusion of Management KnowledgeWright, Christopher
12-Sep-2017Benefits and Perceived Risks of Physical Activity in Genetic Heart DiseaseSweeting, Joanna Mary
FoS_117.TIF.jpg9-Dec-1963Benefits from space-
2012Benefits of developing a whole-school approach to health promotionO’Dea, Jenny
1989Benefits Of Fluoridation AlternativesHou, Yin Shen Chiu; Faculty of Dentistry
2002Benefits of health care beyond health: an exploration of non-health outcomes of health care.Haas, Marion Ruth
Jun-2008The benefits of peer observation of teaching for tutor developmentBell, Amani; Mladenovic, Rosina
2003"Best Buys" and "Trained Monkeys"Anderson, Ian
2013The Best Ellis For Business: A Re-Examination Of The Mass Media Feminist Critique Of American PsychoEttler, Justine
2000The Best Kept Secret in the Church: The Religious Life of Women in Australian Anglicanism 1892-1995.Ball, Gail Anne