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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Dec-2014Becoming a Profession? - Executive Coaching in AustraliaMeredith, Elinor Frances
Jul-2014Becoming a survivor – young people disclosing cancer to new acquaintances and romantic partnersLewis, P; Mooney-Somers, Julie
13-Jan-2009Becoming deafblind: Negotiating a place in a hostile worldSchneider, Julie
29-Jun-2016Becoming HIP: discovering musical identities through engagement with musicLang, Megan Elizabeth
24-Dec-2016Becoming Mixed: Intercultural Engagement with Japan in Contemporary Australian Literature, Cinema, and TheatreSteains, Timothy Kazuo
2015Becoming Rower: Male Embodiment and Intimacy in an Inner West Rowing ClubFogarty, Nicholas David Kemm; Department of Gender and Cultural Studies
25-Nov-2016Becoming Sanskrit. A study of langauage and person in the Ṛgvedic ĀraṇyakasMajcher, Stephanie Amelia
2005Becoming-man, becoming-waveEvers, Clifton; Department of Gender Studies
Jul-2014Bee diversity in non-dependent crops in BrazilFerreira, Rafael; Nocelli, Roberta; Malaspina, Osmar
Jul-2014BEEHAVE: modelling multifactorial causes of honeybee colony lossesBecher, Matthias A; Rumkee, Jack CO; Osborne, Juliet L.
Jul-2014BeeNet and BEST: the Italian 'beekeeping and environment' projectsPorrini, Claudio; Tosi, Simone; Renzi, Teresa; Sgolastra, Fabio; Bortolotti, Laura; Medrzycki, Piotr; Liberta, Angelo; Mutinelli, Franco; Lodesani, Marco
Jul-2014Begging signals in Ant larvaeSauvaget, Matilde; Guion, Aurelie; Savarit, Fabrice; Fresneau, Dominique; Feneron, Renee
16-May-2016Beginning a discussion about the end: Enhancing advanced cancer patients' communication about prognosis and end-of-life careWalczak, Adam
7-Jul-2009Beginning Secondary Teachers and Students Assessment: perceptions and experiences of assessment as a pedagogical challengeAntzoulatos, Ekaterini; Education and Social Work
May-2004Beginning Teaching in Rural-Remote Schools: Implications for Critical Teacher DevelopmentDown, Barry; Wooltorton, Sandra
31-Aug-2014Behavioral analysis of comminution using complex networksSubramaniyam, Yamuna
5-Jan-2015Behavioral and autonomic inflexibility in social anxiety disorderAlvares, Gail Alviza
29-Aug-2014Behavioral and Biological Mechanisms of Social Functioning in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Randomized Clinical Trial for a Novel InterventionYatawara, Chathuri Jeevanthi
1997The behaviour and design of cold-formed channel columnsYoung, B. (Ben); Faculty of Engineering