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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2010Subsidy and Productivity in the Privatised British Passenger RailwayCowie, Jonathan
2006Subtractive networks studioIwamoto, Lisa; Scott, Craig
16-Oct-2018Suburban Queer: Infrastructure and Art in Greater Western SydneyKelaita, Paul
2009Suburbanization and Urban Public Transport Declining public transport in Japanese regional city and regional transport policyYukawa, Sotaro
2013Subverting narrative: unreliability and textual ethics in Atwood, McEwan, Rushdie and FoerYardley, Fiona Caerilyn
Jul-2012Success factors between suppliers and customers in service outsourcing activitiesLok, Peter CW; Loh, Wilson Wee-Seng; Rhodes, Jo H; ITLS
2009A Successful TOD Will Reinforce Both The Community & The Transit System?Ghassan, Daban
15-Dec-2008'Such Spiritual Acres': Protestantism, the land and the colonisation of Australia 1788 - 1850Lake, Meredith Elayne
1-Oct-2008Sudden Unexpected Death in Infants (SUDI) and parental infant care: perspectives of general practitioners, nurses and parents living and working in the multicultural community of Western SydneyWilson, Leigh Ann
29-May-2018Suez: A Crisis of British Identity Interrogating the narrative of British strength in the press coverage during the 1956 Suez CrisisMyers, Elizabeth; Department of History
27-Aug-2018Sufi Mystics and Christian Philosophers on Knowledge of God (1100-1800): A Comparative StudyAlsharif, Mona
Jul-2014Sugar preference and the importance of viscosity in Apis cerana, the Asian honeybeeGuez, David
2013Suicide Risk Assessment: Where Are We Now? [Letter]Ryan, C; Large, M; Callaghan, Sascha
25-Mar-2015“‘Suicidology as a Social Practice': A Reply to Tom Widger.”Fitzpatrick, S.J.; Hooker, C; Kerridge, I
2014Suicidology as a social practice.Fitzpatrick, S.J.; Hooker, C; Kerridge, I
May-1999Suitability of Fuel Efficiency as a Criterion in Passenger Vehicle Classification: An Investigation of the Classification Capability of Decision Tree ApproachTon, Tu T.; Wang, Baojin; ITLS
10-Apr-2015Summary of main conclusions reached in 25 reviews of the research literature on wind farms and health.Chapman, Simon; Simonetti, Teresa
Oct-2011Summation of reinforcement rates when conditioned stimuli are presented in compoundAndrew, Benjamin J; Harris, Justin A
2005Summer School HandbookUniversity of Sydney, Summer School