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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-May-2017Tracing Hobbesian Sovereignty in Political RepresentationLee, Thomas
16-Aug-2017Tracing waste, material and carbon flows using input-output modelsFry, Jacob
31-Oct-2011Tracking a single fast-moving object exhausts attentional resourcesHolcombe, Alex; Chen, Wei-Ying
19-Nov-2005Tracking the smoking geneNewson, A.J.
BoerhaaveViribus1720.tif.jpg1720Tractatus de viribus medicamentorumBoerhaave, Herman
7-Jun-2015Trade and trouble: What China can learn from the 1640 economic bustBabones, Salvatore
2007Trade globalization, economic development, and the income stratification processBabones, Salvatore
Jun-2005Trade Liberalisation and Economic Growth in Turkey: An Empirical Model of Endogenous Growth AnalysisCihan, Cengiz; Dutta, Dilip; Economics
1998Trade union mergers : an analysis of the formation and evolution of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, 1987-1996Michelson, Grant
Nov-1994Trade unions & economic restructuring: strategic unionism in the clothing industryBriggs, Chris
Aug-1991Trade unions in New Zealand and economic restructuringWalsh, Pat
2015Trade Unions, Forced Labour and Human TraffickingFord, Michele
5-Apr-2018The trade war that wasn’t: Tit-for-tat tariffs are unlikely to have any real effectBabones, Salvatore
21-Aug-2013Trade-offs in quality of life and survival with chemotherapy for advanced breast cancer: mature results of a randomized trial comparing single-agent mitoxantrone with combination cyclophosphamide, methotrexate, 5-fluorouracil and prednisoneLee, Chee Khoon; Gebski, Val G; Coates, Alan S; Veillard, Anne-Sophie; Harvey, Vernon; Tattersall, Martin HN; Byrne, Michael; Byrne, Michael J; Brigham, Brian; Forbes, John; Simes, R John
Feb-1978THE TRADEOFF BETWEEN IMPROVED MONETARY CONTROL AND MARKET INTEREST RATE VARIABILITY IN AUSTRALIA: An application of optimal control techniquesSharpe, Ian G.; Volker, Paul A.; Economics
Feb-1999Trading Floors as Separating DevicesBose, Gautam; Economics
2012Trading gender : the embodiment and gender contradictions of women in the male-dominated industries of skilled manual trades and information technology (IT)Smith, Louisa E.; Faculty of Education and Social Work
1996Tradition and originality in Nonnus' DionysiacaPill, T. (Thomas); Department of Classics
1997Traditional beliefs, illness and health among the Motuan people of Papua New GuineaKopi, Sibona N. (Sibona Nega)
FoS_136.TIF.jpg20-Apr-1964Traffic control by computer-