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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-2016Auditory Motion in MotionLeung, Johahn
30-Sep-2016Augmented Lift by Tip Thruster of an Asymmetric Single Blade Rotary Wing UAVHo, Derrick
21-Aug-2014Augmenting the performance of image similarity search through crowdsourcingRahmanian, Bahareh
14-Oct-2015Austerity and the State in Australia: A Critique of Ideational ExplanationsBrown, Angus; Department of Political Economy
15-Jul-2012Austerity can be bad for your healthBabones, Salvatore
20-Mar-2012Austerity is not the answer; Employment is the answerBabones, Salvatore
17-Jul-2012Austerity syndrome: Suicides are only the first symptomBabones, Salvatore
2001Austlit: A Gateway on steroidsAyres, Marie-Louise
15-Mar-2016Austral Jazz: A Practitioner’s Perspective on the Local Remaking of a Global Music FormRobson, Andrew John Hunter
1965Australia and British imperial policy : colonial autonomy and the imperial idea, 1885-1902.Melhuish, Kathleen Joy; Faculty of Arts
Dec-2012Australia and the Palestine Question, 1947–1949: A New InterpretationYu, Teresa; Department of History
2006Australia House : representing Australia in London, 1901-1939Pryke, Olwen Valda.
2009Australia says no? : policy, politics and the Australian government's approachs to male violence against women during the Howard years (1996-2007)Costello, Mayet Anne; Faculty of Education and Social Work
2007Australia's Bohemian traditionMoore, T; Department of History
29-Oct-2009Australia's Employment Sonification (1978 - 2009)Lim, Daniel
30-May-2015Australia's industrious convicts: An archaeological study of landscapes of convict labourTuffin, Richard Lindsay
1980Australia's relations with South Africa, 1901-1975Mulrooney, Colin; Department of Government
1984Australia-Japan relations in the era of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, 1896-1911Takeda, Isami
2009Australian and British Experiences with Competitive Tendering In Rail OperationsKain, Peter