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Mar-2003Australian employees’ attitudes towards UnionsBearfield, Sue
2012Australian Financial Governance: The Power of The Australian Financial Industry Over Public Policy-Making In The Lead-Up To The Global Financial CrisisCAREY, LACHLAN; Department of Government and International Relations
1967The Australian foreign policy and defence debate, 1931-1941 : a survey of Australian opinion and foreign policy and defenceFairbanks, George; Department of History
Nov-1988An Australian Fuel Substitution Tax Model: Orani-LFTHall, V.B.; Truong, T.P.; Anh, Nguyen Van; Economics
2015Australian GP attitudes to clinical practice guidelines and some implications for translating osteoarthritis care into practiceBasedow, M; Runciman, W; Lipworth, W; Esterman, A; VELiM
21-Oct-2011The Australian Greens: between movement and electoral professional partyJackson, Stewart Murdo
11-Dec-2009Australian jazz musician-educators: An exploration of experts' approaches to teaching jazzChessher, Andrew
Jul-2012Australian journalists’ reflections on local coverage of a health-related story from the developing worldImison, Michelle; Chapman, Simon
2010Australian Made: A multicultural reader. Front matter and table of contents.-
2009The Australian Medical Council draft code of professional conduct: good practice or creeping authoritarianism? In replyKomesaroff, P; Kerridge, I
Jun-1977AUSTRALIAN MONEY SUPPLY ANALYSIS: Direct Controls and the Relationship Between the Monetary Base, Secondary Reserves and the Money SupplySharpe, Ian G.; Economics
Mar-2015Australian Nasutitermitinae: Phylogenetics, Evolution, and BiodiversityArab, Daej A. Kh. A. M.
2012Australian national birthweight percentiles by sex and gestational age, 1998-2007Dobbins, Timothy A.; Sullivan, E.A.; Roberts, Christine L.; Simpson, J.M.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
2013The Australian National History Curriculum: Politics at PlayWoodpower, Zeb Joseph; Department of History
2005Australian Nonresident Fathers: Attributes influencing their engagement wtih childrenHawthorne, Bruce
19-Feb-2010Australian perspectives on Indigenous music educationMurphy-Haste, Phillippa
2001Australian Political Elites and Citizenship Education for 'New Australians' 1945-1960JENKINGS, PATRICIA ANNE BERNADETTE
Nov-2012The Australian Post-War Utopia: Reconsidering Herbert Evatt’s human rights contribution in the 1940’sRoberts, Natasha; Department of History
CurrMap4.tif.jpg1887Australian race: its origin, languages, customs, place of landing in Australia and the routes by which it spread itself over that continentCurr, Edward M
CurrMap5.tif.jpg1887Australian race: its origin, languages, customs, place of landing in Australia and the routes by which it spread itself over that continentCurr, Edward M