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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Assessing and Improving Positional Accuracy and its Effects on Areal Estimation at Coleambally Irrigation AreaVan Niel, Tom G; McVicar, Tim R
2014Assessing and managing breast cancer risk: Clinicians’ current practice and future needsCollins, IM; Steel, E; Mann, GB; Bickerstaffe, A; Trainer, A; Butow, PN; Pirotta, M; Antoniou, AC; Cuzick, J; Hopper, J; Phillips, KA; Keogh, LA
Nov-2008Assessing factors in utilisation of health services and community aged care services by the Iranian elderly living in the Sydney metropolitan areaAlizadeh khoei, Mahtab
Jun-1987Assessing Insider TradingHogan, W.P.; Economics
26-Nov-2016Assessing online news coverage and commentary following a celebrity smoking confession: An opportunity for Australian tobacco controlCarroll, Beverley Ann
2009Assessing performance in interurban coach transport contractsMagalhães, Marcos Thadeu Q.; Gularte, Juliana; Yamashita, Yaeko; de Aragão, Joaquim José Guilherme
2007Assessing The "Value" Of New Transport Initiatives In Deprived Neighbourhoods In The UKLucas, Dr. Karen; Tyler, Sophie; Christodoulou, Georgina
Jan-2001Assessing the Impact of Rainfall Variability on Watertables in Irrigation AreasKhan, Shahbaz; Short, L
2014Assessing the invariance of a culturally competent multilingual unmet needs survey for immigrant and Australian-born cancer patients: a Rasch analysisMcGrane, JA; Butow, PN; Sze, M; Eisenbruch, M; Goldstein, D; King, MT
27-Jan-2016Assessing the level of agreement in tumour alignment, correction and tumour delineation for Lung Cancer Radiotherapy on kilo-voltage Cone Beam Computed TomographyWatt, Sandie Carolyn
10-Oct-2016Assessing the potential, application, and implications of volunteered geographic information in disaster risk reductionHaworth, Billy Tusker
26-Feb-2016Assessing the psychosocial needs of women with gynaecological cancers: The development and psychometric evaluation of the Gynaecological Cancer Needs QuestionnaireLopez, Anna-Lena Jean
2017Assessing the public acceptability of proposed policy interventions to reduce the misuse of antibiotics in Australia: A report on two community juriesDegeling, C; Johnson, J; Iredell, J; Nguyen, KA; Norris, J; Turnidge, J; Dawson, A; Carter, SM; Gilbert, GL
Dec-2000Assessing the risks of transmitting OJD in the semen of rams by artificial insemination.Central Tablelands Rural Lands Protection Board
27-Apr-2012Assessing the Spatial Diffusivity of Sound Fields in Rooms using Ambisonic TechniquesBassett, John
Dec-2011Assessing the Value of Semantic Annotation Services for 3D Museum ArtefactsHunter, Jane; Yu, Chih-hao
2007Assessing value : Australian museums in the 21st centuryScott, Carol
2008Assessing wheat genetic diversity using quality traits; amplified fragment length polymorphisms; simple sequence repeats and proteome analysisEivazi AR; Naghavi MR; Hajheidari M; Pirseyedi SM; Ghaffari MR; Mohammadi SA; Majidi I; Salekdeh GH; Mardi M
27-Feb-2015Assessment and creative liberty: An action research study of Preliminary HSC EnglishEstens, Peta Maree
1-Aug-2017An assessment and evaluation of alternative methods for modeling lymphedema in the SNAC trial.Espinoza, David