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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Aspects of the reproductive biology and behaviour of the temperate damselfish, Parma microlepis GǬnther (Pisces: Pomacentridae)Tzioumis, Vicky
1996Aspects of thermoregulation in the horse during exerciseMcConaghy, Finola Frances; Department of Animal Health
2001Aspects of third stream works : an analytical study of compositions by Gunther Schuller, Don Banks and Bozidar KosPlattner, Markus; Sydney Conservatorium of Music
1989Aspects of traditional Chinese houses and gardensZhao, Zhongsheng
21-Feb-2013Aspirin for preventing venous thromboembolism [commentary]Brighton, Timothy A; Eikelboom, John W; Simes, John
2013Assaulting Matilda: a collection of sonnetsMildenhall, Alexandra
2008Assaying natural genetic variation in the cereal Vrn1 geneHemming MH; Fieg S; Dennis ES; Peacock WJ; Trevaskis B
31-Aug-2017Assessing and Addressing the Public Health Concerns of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis Infection in Cattle and SheepAcharya, Kamal Raj
2004Assessing and Improving Positional Accuracy and its Effects on Areal Estimation at Coleambally Irrigation AreaVan Niel, Tom G; McVicar, Tim R
2014Assessing and managing breast cancer risk: Clinicians’ current practice and future needsCollins, IM; Steel, E; Mann, GB; Bickerstaffe, A; Trainer, A; Butow, PN; Pirotta, M; Antoniou, AC; Cuzick, J; Hopper, J; Phillips, KA; Keogh, LA
Nov-2008Assessing factors in utilisation of health services and community aged care services by the Iranian elderly living in the Sydney metropolitan areaAlizadeh khoei, Mahtab
Jun-1987Assessing Insider TradingHogan, W.P.; Economics
26-Nov-2016Assessing online news coverage and commentary following a celebrity smoking confession: An opportunity for Australian tobacco controlCarroll, Beverley Ann
2009Assessing performance in interurban coach transport contractsMagalhães, Marcos Thadeu Q.; Gularte, Juliana; Yamashita, Yaeko; de Aragão, Joaquim José Guilherme
2007Assessing The "Value" Of New Transport Initiatives In Deprived Neighbourhoods In The UKLucas, Dr. Karen; Tyler, Sophie; Christodoulou, Georgina
Jan-2001Assessing the Impact of Rainfall Variability on Watertables in Irrigation AreasKhan, Shahbaz; Short, L
2014Assessing the invariance of a culturally competent multilingual unmet needs survey for immigrant and Australian-born cancer patients: a Rasch analysisMcGrane, JA; Butow, PN; Sze, M; Eisenbruch, M; Goldstein, D; King, MT
27-Jan-2016Assessing the level of agreement in tumour alignment, correction and tumour delineation for Lung Cancer Radiotherapy on kilo-voltage Cone Beam Computed TomographyWatt, Sandie Carolyn
10-Oct-2016Assessing the potential, application, and implications of volunteered geographic information in disaster risk reductionHaworth, Billy Tusker
26-Feb-2016Assessing the psychosocial needs of women with gynaecological cancers: The development and psychometric evaluation of the Gynaecological Cancer Needs QuestionnaireLopez, Anna-Lena Jean