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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2004Audit Of Aboriginal Studies/Perspectives and Related Issues in the Professional Activities of the Faculty of Education and Social Work in Association with the Koori Centre.Cleverley, John
2006An Audit Of The Caries Management At The Caries Management Clinic At The Westmead Centre for Oral HealthSbaraini, A; Faculty of Dentistry
1998Audit service quality : an empirical investigationMorton, Anja Marketta; Faculty of Economics
1-May-2014The auditability of soil carbon at the farm scaleWheeler, Ichsani
21-Aug-2014Augmenting the performance of image similarity search through crowdsourcingRahmanian, Bahareh
14-Oct-2015Austerity and the State in Australia: A Critique of Ideational ExplanationsBrown, Angus; Department of Political Economy
15-Jul-2012Austerity can be bad for your healthBabones, Salvatore
20-Mar-2012Austerity is not the answer; Employment is the answerBabones, Salvatore
17-Jul-2012Austerity syndrome: Suicides are only the first symptomBabones, Salvatore
2001Austlit: A Gateway on steroidsAyres, Marie-Louise
15-Mar-2016Austral Jazz: A Practitioner’s Perspective on the Local Remaking of a Global Music FormRobson, Andrew John Hunter
1965Australia and British imperial policy : colonial autonomy and the imperial idea, 1885-1902.Melhuish, Kathleen Joy; Faculty of Arts
Dec-2012Australia and the Palestine Question, 1947–1949: A New InterpretationYu, Teresa; Department of History
2006Australia House : representing Australia in London, 1901-1939Pryke, Olwen Valda.
2009Australia says no? : policy, politics and the Australian government's approachs to male violence against women during the Howard years (1996-2007)Costello, Mayet Anne; Faculty of Education and Social Work
2007Australia's Bohemian traditionMoore, T; Department of History
29-Oct-2009Australia's Employment Sonification (1978 - 2009)Lim, Daniel
30-May-2015Australia's industrious convicts: An archaeological study of landscapes of convict labourTuffin, Richard Lindsay
1980Australia's relations with South Africa, 1901-1975Mulrooney, Colin; Department of Government