• Advancements in multi-object integral-field spectroscopy 

      Richards, Samuel Nathan
      Published 2016-05-30
      The motivation of this thesis is not only to unravel the development of multi-object integral-field spectroscopy in optical astronomy, but also to address its observational impact on current and pervading theories of galaxy ...
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      PhD Doctorate
    • Atomic Hydrogen in the Distant Universe with the Australian SKA Pathfinder 

      Glowacki, Marcin
      Published 2018-08-02
      Cold, neutral gas within galaxies drives star formation and black hole growth, which dictates galaxy evolution. The 21 cm radio transition of neutral atomic hydrogen (HI) traces the cold neutral medium. However, radio ...
      Open Access
      PhD Doctorate
    • Intermediate-mass Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies 

      Musaeva, Ayna
      Supermassive black holes are the central engines of active galactic nuclei (AGN) and are thought to lie at the heart of many massive galaxies. It is currently uncertain, however, whether AGN exist in low-mass dwarf galaxies, ...
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      PhD Doctorate