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9-Nov-2017Clinical and microbiological features of Chlamydia Psittaci infection in AustraliaBranley, James Maurice
31-Mar-2015Clinical and molecular aspects of adrenal tumourigenesisIp, Julian Chung Yan
12-Jan-2017The Clinical Epidemiology of Childhood Encephalitis in AustraliaBritton, Philip Neil
17-Jan-2018Clinical management of low back painMaher, Christopher Gerard
21-Mar-2019Clinical outcomes of new-generation drug-eluting stents in patients with coronary artery disease: meta-analyses of randomised controlled trialsWu, James Jun
5-Jun-2017Clinical phenotypes, radiological characterisation, therapeutic responses, and outcomes in myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody-associated demyelinationRamanathan, Sudarshini
15-May-2019Clinical Trials in Kidney Transplantation: Design Considerations and Novel ApproachesTracey De-Yi, Ying
22-Sep-2017Cobalt complexes as responsive MRI contrast agentsO'Neill, Edward
30-Mar-2017Cognition In First Onset Schizophrenia: Mapping Relationships Between Task Performance, Brain Function And SymptomsBrennan, Anne Margaret
17-Jan-2018Cognitive Factors in Social AnxietyStein, Jo-Elle Shira
30-Sep-2016Cognitive function in cancer survivors following chemotherapy treatmentBray, Victoria Jane
25-Sep-2017Cognitive Mechanisms for Worry in Early Adolescence: Re-examining the Role of High Verbal IntelligenceFrancis, Rosanna
3-Oct-2017Cognitive Training Interventions for Neurocognitive DisordersHallock, Hariharan Michael
28-Sep-2018Communication and health literacy in Dien Bien Province, Vietnam: experiences and perceptions of primary health care professionals and ethnic minority womenMcKinn, Shannon Kathleen
28-Nov-2018Communication Recovery Following Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: Examining the First YearElbourn, Elise
3-Oct-2018Comorbidity and Patient-Centred Health Outcomes in Psoriatic ArthritisSinnathurai, Premarani
31-Jan-2017A comparison of the simulation and clinical environments in physiotherapy educationJudd, Belinda K
1-Apr-2019Competency-Based Pharmacy Education and Training in the Eastern Mediterranean RegionBajis, Dalia
17-Sep-2018Complex lung physiology and airway inflammation in adults with asthma and fixed airflow obstructionTonga, Katrina ‘Oto’ota
12-Jul-2018Conducting high-quality, culturally-appropriate primary healthcare research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoplesFarnbach, Sara