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22-Sep-2016Anxiety in Youth with AsthmaDudeney, Joanne Elizabeth
31-Mar-2016Aphasia Assessment in SingaporeGuo, Yiting Emily
27-Apr-2017The application of functional data analysis to force signatures in on-water single scullingWarmenhoven, John
11-May-2018Application of massively parallel sequencing approaches in Nemaline MyopathySandaradura, Sarah
31-Jan-2017The Application of the Home Falls and Accidents Screening Tool (HOME FAST) in Malaysia to Address Falls Risk among Older MalaysiansRomli, Muhammad Hibatullah
31-Mar-2016The application of whole exome sequencing for the diagnosis of limb-girdle muscular dystrophiesGhaoui, Roula
28-Sep-2017Applying new blood pressure management techniques to Pregnancy-related HypertensionLan, Patrick Gkin-Huah
14-Nov-2019Aspects of cardiovascular risk in an Australian population studyNguyen-Duy, Thanh-Binh
10-Oct-2016Assessing the potential, application, and implications of volunteered geographic information in disaster risk reductionHaworth, Billy Tusker
25-Aug-2014Assessment and management of prostate bed motion in post-prostatectomy image guided radiotherapyBell, Linda J
18-Jun-2014Assessment of breast cancer-related arm lymphoedemaCzerniec, Sharon Anne
22-Oct-2018Assessment of Utricular Nerve, Hair Cell and Mechanical Function, in vivo.Pastras, Christopher John
30-Mar-2019Asteroseismology of 20,000 Kepler Red GiantsYu, Jie
4-Oct-2016Asthma Medication Use and General Asthma Management in Saudi Arabian Primary SchoolsAl Aloola, Noha
Jan-2014Attentional biases associated with health threat, and their modificationAmar, Kaur
26-Mar-2019Australian Immigration Detention: How Should Clinicians Respond?Essex, Ryan William
31-Dec-2016The Australian Mitochondrial Disease Study – Recognising and improving the diagnosis and management outcomes of adult patients with mitochondrial diseasesLiang, Christina Luh-Unn
28-Mar-2019Autonomic regulation of medullary neurons following cardiorespiratory, glucoprivic and hypoglycaemic insultsKakall, Zohra
16-May-2016Beginning a discussion about the end: Enhancing advanced cancer patients' communication about prognosis and end-of-life careWalczak, Adam
5-Jan-2015Behavioral and autonomic inflexibility in social anxiety disorderAlvares, Gail Alviza