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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999An assessment by in vivo methods of grain quality for ruminantsHogan, J. P; Flinn, P. C
1999Associative effects between forages and grains: consequences for feed utilisationDixon, R. M; Stockdale, C. R
1999Chemical and physical characteristics of grains related to variability in energy and amino acid availability in ruminants: a reviewvan Barneveld, Samantha
2005Evaluation of various NIR instruments for estimating grain quality for livestockFlinn, P. C; Openshaw, S. R; Blakeney, A. B
2005Feed uses for barleyBlack, J. L; Tredrea, A. M; Nielsen, S. G; Flinn, P. C; Kaiser, A. G; van Barneveld, R. J
2002Implementing NIR grain quality testing for the feedlot industry: what are the options?Flinn, P. C
2001NIR: a key component of the Premium Grains for Livestock ProjectFlinn, P. C
1999Nutritional value of cereal grains for animalsBlack, J. L
2003Premium grains for livestock: an update on NIR calibration development and implementationFlinn, P. C
1999Processing cereal grains for animal feedingRowe, J. B; Choct, M; Pethick, D. W
2001Quality feed grains: Research highlights and opportunitiesBlack, J. L
2004Quality in the feed grain MarketTaverner, M. R
2000Recent achievements in cereal feed grains nutritionBlack, J. L
2001Selection and storage of cereal grains for livestockBlack, J. L
1999Strategies for the assessment of Livestock feed ingredient qualityvan Barneveld, R. J
2001Variation in nutritional value of cereal grains across livestock speciesBlack, J. L