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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Nov-2012Beyond the 'affect heuristic': the emotion-risk assemblageLupton, Deborah
17-May-2011‘Damaged Goods’: Riskiness and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Young People’s Interactions with PoliceDwyer, Angela; Sydney Institute of Criminology
8-Apr-2013Exploratory Study of High Risk Behaviours Amongst Muslim Adults Living in AustraliaNazir, Ridwaan
2015Exploring the potential emotional and behavioural impact of providing personalised genomic risk information to the public: a focus group studySmit, Amelia K; Keogh, Louise A; Newson, A.J.; Hersch, Jolyn; Butow, Phyllis; Cust, Anne E
2013Global bionetworks and challenges in regulating autologous adult stem cellsLysaght, T; Kerridge, I; Sipp, D; Porter, G; Capps, BJ
13-Sep-2012How genetic testing is swelling the ranks of the ‘worried well’Savard, J
15-May-2012'I'm Always on the Lookout for What Could be Going Wrong': Mothers' Concepts and Experiences of Health and Illness in Their Young ChildrenLupton, Deborah; Department of Sociology and Social Policy
2015An innovative approach to strengthening health professionals’ infection control and limiting hospital-acquired infection: video-reflexive ethnographyIedema, R; Hor, S; Wyer, M; Gilbert, G L; Jorm, C; Hooker, C; O'Sullivan, M
6-Feb-2016Public preferences for communicating personal genomic risk information to the general public: a focus group studySmit, A K; Keogh, L A; Hersch, J; Newson, A.J.; Butow, PN; Williams, G; Cust, A E
Dec-2016Public preferences for communicating personal genomic risk information: a focus group studySmit, Amelia K; Keogh, Louise A; Hersch, Jolyn; Newson, A.J.; Butow, Phyllis; Williams, Gabrielle; Cust, Anne E
3-Jun-2016Too Much Medicine in older people? Deprescribing through Shared Decision MakingJansen, J; Naganathan, V; Carter, SM; McLachlan, A; Nickel, B; Irwig, L; Bonner, C; Doust, J; Heaney, A; Turner, R; McCaffery, K
2-Nov-2005Valuing a Test for Nitrogen Status in RiceSingh, Rajinder; Williams, Robert; Mullen, John; Faour, Khaled