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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Sep-2017Adolescent Development in Family-based Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa: Patients' NarrativesMedway, Meredith
29-Apr-2014The emotional well-being of young people having a parent with younger onset dementiaHutchinson, Karen; Roberts, Chris; Kurrle, Sue; Daly, Michele
2012The ethical commitments of health promotion practitioners: an empirical study from New South Wales, AustraliaCarter, SM; Klinner, Christiane; Kerridge, I; Rychetnik, L; Li, V; Fry, D
25-Aug-2014Exercise Participation in Parkinson's Disease: A Qualitative StudyO'Brien, Christine Jane
15-Apr-2010Families of Choice: A qualitative study of Australian families formed through intercountry adoptionYoung, Alexandra Robin
22-Oct-2012Follow-up of early stage melanoma: specialist clinician perspectives on the functions of follow-up and implications for extending follow-up intervalsRychetnik, Lucie; McCaffery, Kirsten; Morton, Rachael L; Thompson, John; Menzies, Scott; Irwig, Les
26-Feb-2016Hospital Pharmacy Management: Australian and Indonesian PerspectivesGones, Vania
2011Improving the Uptake of the Australian Home Medicines Review through Patient SegmentationWhite, Lesley; Klinner, Christiane; Cobelli, Nicola
Nov-2006“In or ‘Out?’”: An examination of the effects of school climate on same-sex attracted students in Australia.Mikulsky, Jacqueline
Feb-2015Involving patients in understanding hospital infection control using visual methodsWyer, M C; Jackson, D; Iedema, R; Hor, S Y; Gilbert, GL; Jorm, C; Hooker, C; O’Sullivan, M; Carroll, K
2006Language in clinical reasoning: using and learning the language of collective clinical decision makingLoftus, Stephen Francis
2013Narratives of ‘Terminal Sedation’, and the Importance of the Intention-Foresight Distinction in Palliative Care PracticeDouglas, C; Kerridge, I; Ankeny, RA
31-Aug-2010Sexual adjustment and self-perception in men following prostate cancerHanly, Narelle
15-Jun-2017A Temporal Social Resilience Framework of Communities to Disasters in Australia and Social Network Enabled Social ResilienceKhalili, Sanaz
12-Sep-2010“THEY NEVER ASKED ME ANYTHING ABOUT THAT”: The Stories of Women who Experience Domestic Violence and Mental Health Concerns/IllnessLaing, Lesley; Toivonen, Cherie; Irwin, Jude; Napier, Lindsey; Social Work & Policy Studies, Faculty of Education and Social Work
25-Jul-2008Towards consumer-centred health care and health research in nephrology: understanding patient and family caregiver experiences and perspectives in chronic kidney diseaseTong, Allison
2011Virtuous acts as practical medical ethics: an empirical studyLittle, M; Gordon, J; Markham, P; Rychetnik, L; Kerridge, I