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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Brain proteomic changes associated with the chronic consumption of alcohol or sugar-containing beveragesAhmed, Selina
31-Dec-2016Clinical and pathological outcomes in patients undergoing chemotherapy and resection for oesophageal and gastric adenocarcinoma in a newly established oesophago-gastric cancer centreNg, Ada Kar Key
26-Mar-2014Development of cell surface shaving proteomics for application in staphylococcal speciesSolis, Nestor
25-Aug-2015Functional Characterisation and Outcomes of Post Translational Modifications Driven by Fibroblast Activation Protein Enzyme ActivityHamson, Elizabeth
2010Harvest: an open-source tool for the validation and improvement of peptide identification metrics and fragmentation explorationMcHugh, Leo C; Arthur, Jonathan W; Sydney Bioinformatics
8-Apr-2016Novel Preprocessing Approaches for Omics Data Types and Their Performance EvaluationStrbenac, Dario
3-Jun-2016Potential urinary protein biomarkers for the diagnosis of endometriosisWong, Fred Tuck Khai
27-Mar-2013Proteomic analysis of HSP90 inhibitor effects on human leukemia cellsChe, Yiping
Nov-2007Proteomics of the human alcoholic brain: Implications for the pathophysiology of alcohol-related brain damageAlexander-Kaufman, Kimberley Louise
10-Dec-2015Studies on combination between tumour active compounds in ovarian tumour modelsAlamro, Abir Abdullah S
17-Jan-2018Synergism from combination of targeted therapy and phytochemicals in colorectal cancerAlmoyad, Muhammad