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19-May-2011Adhesion molecule expression by peripheral blood monocytes and regulation of monocyte adhesion to decidual endothelial cells in normal and in type I diabetic pregnancyKarime, Bilal Mohamad
2012Alcohol Awareness KitUniversity of Sydney (Discipline of Addiction Medicine)
26-Nov-2016Assessing online news coverage and commentary following a celebrity smoking confession: An opportunity for Australian tobacco controlCarroll, Beverley Ann
26-Oct-2011The assessment of endothelial function in pregnancy by flow-mediated dilatation.Quinton, Ann Elizabeth
Oct-2011'The best thing for the baby': mothers' concepts and experiences related to promoting their infants' health and developmentLupton, Deborah
18-May-2012Configuring maternal, preborn and infant embodimentLupton, Deborah; Department of Sociology and Social Policy
2016Dietary vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement use: a cross-sectional survey of before and during pregnancy use in Sydney, Australia.Shand, Antonia W.; Walls, Mariyam; Chatterjee, Rahul; Nassar, Natasha; Khambalia, Amina Z.
Oct-2014Does weight loss in overweight or obese women improve fertility treatment outcomes? A systematic reviewSim, K; Partridge, S; Sainsbury, Amanda
2015Esophageal atresia and tracheo-esophageal fistula in Western Australia: prevelence and trendsLeoncini, Emanuele; Bower, Carol; Nassar, Natasha
26-Jun-2014Haemoglobin changes during pregnancy: a retrospective cohort study of consecutive pregnanciesFord, Jane B.; Algert, Frances H; Patterson, Jillian A.
2014Heart valve prostheses in pregnancy: Outcomes for women and their babiesLawley, Claire M; Algert, Charles S; Ford, Jane B; Nippita, Tanya A; Figtree, Gemma A; Roberts, Christine L; Clinical and Population Perinatal Health Research, Kolling Institute, University of Sydney
2015Induction of labour: the development and application of a novel classification systemNippita, Tanya A; Trevena, Judy A; Ford, Jane B; Patterson, Jillian A; Morris, Jonathan M; Roberts, Christine L; Clinical and Population Perinatal Health Research, Kolling Institute, Northern Sydney Local Health District; Sydney Medical School Northern, University of Sydney
2016Iron supplement use in pregnancy – are the right women taking the right amount?Chatterjee, Rahul; Shand, Antonia W.; Nassar, Natasha; Walls, Mariyam; Khambalia, Amina Z.
2015Liminal Reproductive Experiences after Therapies for Hematological MalignancyHalliday, L.E.; Boughton, M.A.; Kerridge, I; VELiM
15-Jul-2015Linkage of four administrative datasets to examine blood transfusion in pregnancyPatterson, Jillian A.; Ford, Jane B.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research, University of Sydney, NSW Australia
2014Maternal body weight and first trimester screening for chromosomal anomaliesKhambalia, Amina Z; Roberts, Christine L; Morris, Jonathan M; Tasevski, Vitomir; Nassar, Natasha
2015Methods of classification for women undergoing induction of labour: A systematic reviewNippita, Tanya A; Khambalia, Amina Z; Seeho, Sean; Morris, Jonathan M; Roberts, Christine L
2014Mothering and self-othering: The impact of uncertain reproductive capability in young women after hematological malignancyHalliday, L.E.; Boughton, M.A.; Kerridge, I; VELiM
11-Sep-2013Prevention of excessive gestational weight gain: an evidence review to inform policy and practiceHector, Debra; Hebden, Lana; PANORG
2015Prosthetic heart valves in pregnancy, outcomes for women and their babies: A systematic review and meta-analysisLawley, Claire M; Lain, Samantha J; Algert, Charles S; Ford, Jane B; Figtree, Gemma A; Roberts, Christine L; Clinical and Population Perinatal Health Research, Kolling Institute, University of Sydney