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Mar-2015The associations between sugar-sweetened beverage consumption, its substitution with alternative beverage types, and obesity outcomes in childrenZheng, Miaobing
2001Diabetes and its effect on the life expectancy of Indigenous AustraliansMulheron, Tracy; Indigenous Heath Studies
29-Feb-2016Glucocorticoid Signalling in Osteoblasts during Ageing and Chronic StressHenneicke, Holger
Mar-2014The Harm of Bioethics: A Critique of Singer and Callahan on ObesityMayes, C; VELiM
21-Feb-2012The major plant-derived cannabinoid 9-tetrahydrocannabinol promotes hypertrophy and macrophage infiltration in adipose tissueWong, Alexander; Gunasekaran, Nathan; Hancock, D. P.; Denyer, Gareth; Meng, Luxi; Radford, Jane; McGregor, Iain; Arnold, J. C.
28-Mar-2014Obesity and chronic disease prevention among old adults (55-74 years): An evidence overview and framework to inform policy and practiceEspinel, Paola; King, Lesley; Hector, Debra; Prevention Research Collaboration
20-Jun-2016Obesity and Vascular HealthNe, Jia Yi Anna
Oct-2011A Social Cognitive Theory based examination of the behavioural change role played by Let's Move's website and social media applicationsKaiser, Stephanie; Department of Media and Communications
2013Symposium editorial: A Public Health Ethics Approach to Non-Communicable DiseasesCarter, SM; Rychetnik, L
8-Apr-2016Type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents: prevention and treatment by lifestyle interventionGow, Megan Louise
20-May-2013Weight and weight related behaviours among NSW students from low SES and non-English speaking backgrounds: Secondary analysis of the NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey 2010Hardy, Louise; King, Lesley; PANORG
21-Sep-2016Why aren’t health professionals telling us we’re fat? The role of health services in the prevention of overweight and obesityPearce, Claire; Menzies Centre for Health Policy