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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Assessment Practice in Year 10 Elective Music in New South Wales Secondary SchoolseCarter, Jennifer
30-Jun-2016Becoming a Composer: How postgraduate conservatorium students develop their musical identitiesHoffman, Sophie
2004Challenges in the repatriation of historic recordings to Papua New GuineaNiles, Don; Palie, Vincent
21-Mar-2018COMPOSING SPACE IN MIXED MUSICMarland, Thomas Joseph
2011Conservatorium of Music Handbook 2011University of Sydney; Sydney Conservatorium of Music
31-Mar-2015From the Colombian Caribbean to the South Pacific: Cultural hybridity and resistance in film, music and artPosse Emiliani, Maria Elvira
24-Feb-2014Interactions in improvised music: people at playHolgate, Gary David
6-Dec-2013The Life History of SoundMaalsen, Sophia
7-Aug-2017Ludomusicological Semiotics: Theory, Implications and Case StudiesHart, Iain James Timothy
2005Men of Faith: Stravinsky, Maritain and the Ideal Christian ArtifexPenicka, Sarah; Department of Studies in Religion
29-Dec-2016'My own island harp’: Irish sentimental ballads in colonial Australia, 1854–1889Twigger, Jillian Margaret
2004’Now Balanda Say We Lost Our Land in 1788’: Challenges to the Recognition of Yolŋu Law in Contemporary AustraliaCorn, Aaron; Gumbula, Neparrŋa
1500RB Add.Ms. 327-
1675RB Add.Ms. 351-
1535RB Add.Ms. 358-
1526RB Add.Ms. 380 Deane-
2006Sydney Conservatorium of Music Handbook 2007University of Sydney
2007Sydney Conservatorium of Music Handbook 2007 - AmendmentUniversity of Sydney
2008Sydney Conservatorium of Music Postgraduate Handbook 2008University of Sydney
2009Sydney Conservatorium of Music Postgraduate Handbook 2009University of Sydney