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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-May-2015Australia's industrious convicts: An archaeological study of landscapes of convict labourTuffin, Richard Lindsay
2008Bolshevik wives: a study of soviet elite societyYoung, James
30-Jun-2017Caught on Screen: The Convict Experience in Film and TelevisionFindlay, James Daniel
22-Jan-2008A Change in Cirumstance : Individual Responses to Colonial LifeGeraghty, Rebecca Catherine Ruth
Dec-2015Contemporary Australian Literature: preliminary materialsBirns, Nicholas
23-Oct-2008Drawing Words, Writing ImagesWalker, Jonathan; International Research Fellow
31-Mar-2015From the Colombian Caribbean to the South Pacific: Cultural hybridity and resistance in film, music and artPosse Emiliani, Maria Elvira
2-Jul-2016History and Time in Traditional Texts of Equatorial Southeast AsiaSastrawan, Wayan Jarrah
May-2004Legal Reasoning as a Field of Knowledge Production: Luhmann, Bourdieu and Law’s Autonomyvan Krieken, Robert
3-Dec-2015Measuring the stars and observing the less visible: Australia’s participation in the Astrographic Catalogue and Carte du CielStevenson, Toner Marie
17-May-2011Observations about the History of Critical Criminology in AustraliaCarrington, Kerry; Hogg, Russell; Sydney Institute of Criminology
5-May-2006A Post-Colonial Comment on CollinsClegg, Stewart; van Krieken, Robert
2016Powerful Arms and Fertile Soil: English Identity and the Law of Arms in Early Modern EnglandKennedy, Claire Renee
6-Apr-2017Shwe U Daung and the Burmese Sherlock Holmes: To be a modern Burmese citizen living in a nation-state, 1889 -1962Takahashi, Yuri
23-Aug-2017Theodor Mommsen: An Enduring Legacy of Rome's PastFlego, Jules Laurence
2014Trans Temporality: Narrative, History, and TimeMcGregor, Vivien Margaret
1996Understanding Ulcers: Medical Knowledge, Social Constructionism, and Helicobacter PyloriCollyer, Fran
2010A Victor's History: A Comparative Analysis of the Labour Historiography of Indonesia's New OrderFord, Michele
2013The Visual Histories of Louis XIVWellington, Robert