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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Feb-2017Contemporary Chinese Art and the City: Beijing Art Districts 1989­‐2013Cornell, Christen
Sep-2016‘Interlocked Together’: Black-Jewish Relationality in Contemporary Jewish American ComedyTomkins, Sara Elizabeth
2015On the reach of digital language archivesNathan, David
5-Apr-2012Precious, pure, uncivilised, vulnerable: infant embodiment in the popular mediaLupton, Deborah
2015Repatriating childhood: issues in the ethical return of Venda children's musical materials from the archival collection of John BlackingEmberly, Andrea
2015Repatriation and innovation in and out of the field: the impact of legacy recordings on endangered dance-song traditions and ethnomusicological researchTreloyn, Sally; Googninda Charles, Rona
2015Reproducable research in descriptive linguistics: integrating archiving and citation into the postgraduate curriculum at the University of Hawai'i at MānoaBerez, Andrea L.
Oct-2015Research, Records and Responsibility: About the contributorsHarris, Amanda; Thieberger, Nick; Barwick, Linda
Oct-2015Research, Records and Responsibility: IntroductionHarris, Amanda; Thieberger, Nick; Barwick, Linda
2015Reviewing, reconstructing and reinterpreting ethnographic data on musical instruments in archives and museumsPost, Jennifer C.
2015Shoehorning complex metadata in the Living Archive of Aboriginal LanguagesBow, Catherine; Christie, Michael; Devlin, Brian
2015Through the lens of performance and performativity: reframing the research quality and impact of ethnographic digital research archivesKaleva, Daniela
2015The Western Australian New Music Archive: performing as rememberingHope, Cat; MacKinney, Lisa; Green, Lelia; Travers, Meghan; Mahoney, Tos