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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Addition of chromosome 5H of Hordeum species to wheat enhances grain softnessYanaka M; Takata K; Ikeda TM
2008Aegilops tauschii: A valuable source for karnal bunt resistanceChhuneja P; Kaur S; Deepika; Singh TP; Sharma I; Dhaliwal HS; Singh K
2008Alien introgression for FHB resistance in wheat - challenges and strategiesCai X; Xu SS; Oliver RE; Zhang Q; Stack RW; Zhong S; Friesen TL; Halley S; Elias EM
2008Allele mining and sequence diversity at the wheat powdery mildew resistance locus Pm3Kaur N; Street K; Mackay M; Yahiaoui N; Keller B
2008AMMI analysis for stability and location effect on grain yield and its components of durum wheat genotypesSarial AK; Haile JK; Assefa S; Sareen S
2008Amplification profiles of the SSR markers in cultivars of hexaploid wheat and their relativesNitta M; Nasuda S
2008Analysis of genetic diversity in wild diploid wheat Triticum boeoticum from West of Iran using RAPD; AFLP and SSR markersMalaki M; Naghavi MR; Alizadeh H; Tabatabaei F; Mardi M; Potki P
2008Analysis of Pina and Pinb alleles in the micro-core collections of Chinese wheat germplasm by Ecotilling and identification of a novel Pinb alleleWang J; Sun J; Liu D; Yang W; Wang D; Tong Y; Zhang A
2008Analysis of promoters in transgenic wheatFurtado A; Henry R; Pellegrineschi A
2008Analysis of the functional relationships of garnetocidal genesFriebe, BR; Gill, BS
2008Application of molecular markers; micro-level tests and interclass hybridizations in improving wheat grain qualityRam S; Agrawal M; Tyagi BS; Mishra B
2008The application of new tools to study gene expression and genetic diversity in allopolyploid wheatEdwards Keith
2008Applications and challenges of marker-assisted selection in the Western Australian Wheat Breeding ProgramCakir M; Drake-Brockman F; Ma J; Jose K; Connor M; Naughton Joe; Bussanich J; Naisbitt M; Shankar M; McLean R; Barclay I; Wilson R; Moore C; Loughman R
2008Arabinoxylan content of hard winter and spring wheats of the US Pacific NorthwestMorris CF; Li S; Bettge AD; King GE; Garland-Campbell K; Gill KS
2008Assaying natural genetic variation in the cereal Vrn1 geneHemming MH; Fieg S; Dennis ES; Peacock WJ; Trevaskis B
2008Assessing wheat genetic diversity using quality traits; amplified fragment length polymorphisms; simple sequence repeats and proteome analysisEivazi AR; Naghavi MR; Hajheidari M; Pirseyedi SM; Ghaffari MR; Mohammadi SA; Majidi I; Salekdeh GH; Mardi M
2008Assessment of genetic diversity in European emmer wheat populationsMondini L; Grausgruber H; Porceddu E; Pagnotta MA
2008Assessment of the genetic variation in Ethiopian germplasm of durum wheat from region with contrasting environment and water stressMondini L; Farina A; Porceddu E; Pagnotta MA
2008Association mapping in durum wheat grown in a broad range of water regimesMaccaferri M; Sanguineti MC; Ben Salem M; El-Ahmed A; del Moral LFG; Demontis A; Maalouf F; Nachit M; Nserallah N; Royo C; Tuberosa R
2008Association mapping of semolina yield in diverse durum wheat germplasmClarke FR; Clarke JM; Pozniak CJ; Somers DJ; Dexter JE; Knox RE; Reimer S; McCaig TN; Singh AK