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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2016Catastrophe and precaution outside the risk society A study of the experience of risk in Afghanistan in 2011Simpson, Jeremy Carrick
2015Data challenges: more behavioural and (relatively) less statistical – a think pieceHensher, David A.
15-Jul-2009Determining predictors of resurvey score of Risk Perception, Risky Driving Behaviour and Sensation Seeking in a cohort from the DRIVE study.Butcher, Belinda; School of Public Health
28-Oct-2013Evaluating changes in driver behaviour for road safety outcomes: a risk profiling approachEllison, Adrian Bachman
Jun-2015Fuel poverty increases risk of mould contamination, regardless of adult risk perception & ventilation in social housing propertiesSharpe, Richard A.; Thornton, Christopher R.; Nikolaou, Vasilis; Osborne, Nicholas J.; Discipline of Pharmacology
31-Mar-2014Gambling risk perception and decision makingSpurrier, Michael
7-Jun-2016Heatwaves and the older Australia population: A mixed methods study.Wilson, Leigh Ann
29-Mar-2013Influence of Delta Morphodynamics on Coastal Response to Climate ChangeMelo Ferraz, Marco
30-Jun-2016Media, Policy and the Law: The Case of Crystal MethamphetamineForrest-Lawrence, Pota
Jul-2016New Advances in Dynamic Risk ModelsChen, Wilson Ye
10-Dec-2008Regulation, ‘Red Tape’ and the ‘War on Terror’: Exploring the regulatory aftermath of September 11thHaines, Fiona
Apr-2002The Risk and Incentives Trade-off in the Presence of Heterogeneous ManagersWright, Donald J.; Economics
2015The role of source preference and subjective probability in valuing expected travel time savingsHensher, David A.; Li, Zheng; Ho, Chinh