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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Nov-2013The Affective DimensionJarvis, Anna
27-Aug-2008Ancestral Spaces: Time, Memory and the Liminal Experience of PaintingPurcell, Marisa
7-Aug-2017Between Volume and Non-Matter: the autonomy of painting and the intersection of sound and materialityFornies Camer, Jorge
1998CRUEL BEAUTY: The articulation of ‘self’, ‘identity’ and the creation of an innovative feminine vocabulary in the self-portrait paintings of Frida KahloPentes, Tatiana
7-Sep-2006The Darkened Room: Painting as the Image of ThoughtLoveday, Thomas
2013Giovannino Battista: the boy Baptist in quattrocento Italian artMacneil, Georgina Sybella
7-Jul-2016MATERIAL DIALECTICS: the role of the artist in activating space and creating a sense of place on the Sydney Green Ring.Grace, Gilbert Neil
15-May-2013Material objects of paintWagstaff, Brooke Elizabeth
7-Feb-2015New Smart Objects: How Digital Transactions Have Enabled a New Mode of Representation in PaintingHemer, Andre Pierre
22-May-2012Paint: It is pre-occupation with spaceKeys, Karena
6-Jan-2015See Where it Drifts: the Influence of Aboriginal Art on an Australian Ontology of PaintingFrench, Hayley Megan
4-Nov-2014Starting again: making art after a spinal cord injuryConroy, James Peter
29-Aug-2013Under the shadow of cross-culture Chinese contemporary body paintingLiu, Tongwu
4-Jul-2013Unearthing the grotesque: the transformation of the underground to cultural mainstreamArnold, Kristi