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2008Building solutions for prevneting childhood obesity. Overview moduleKing, Lesley; Hector, Debra; NSW Centre for Overweight and Obesity, School of Public Health
21-May-2013Building Solutions to Protect Children from Unhealthy Food and Drink Sport Sponsorship.Kelly, Bridget; Chapman, Kathy; Baur, Louise A; Bauman, Adrian; King, Lesley; Smith, Ben
Dec-2005Change in lung volume in asthma with particular reference to obesitySchachter, L. M
2015Comparing cognitive behavioural therapy for eating disorders integrated with behavioural weight loss therapy to cognitive behavioural therapy-enhanced alone in overweight or obese people with bulimia nervosa or binge eating disorder: study protocol for a randomised controlled trialPalavras, MA; Hay, P; Touyz, S; Sainsbury, Amanda; da Luz, FQ; Swinbourne, J; Estella, NM; Claudino, A
14-Jan-2016Comprehensive sector-wide strategies to prevent and control obesity: what are the potential health and broader societal benefits? A case study from Australia – Online supplementary materialKite, James; Hector, Debra; St George, A; Pedisic, Z; Phongsavan, P; Bauman, A; Mitchell, J; Bellew, B
31-Mar-2016The effect of diet-induced weight loss on bone and muscle strength in overweight and obese individualsZibellini, Jessica
18-Jul-2014Effect of water-based exercise in people with COPD with physical comorbiditiesMcNamara, Renae J
6-Mar-2015Exercise Strategies for Targeting Abdominal, Visceral and Hepatic FatKeating, Shelley Elizabeth
23-Sep-2013The food pyramid meets the regulatory pyramid - responsive regulation of food advertising to childrenReeve, Belinda Helen
12-Nov-2012A Framework For Monitoring Overweight And Obesity In NSWEspinel, Paola; King, Lesley; PANORG
27-Jul-2017How do health services view their role in the prevention of obesity?Pearce, Claire; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
31-Mar-2017An Investigation of the Effect of Diet and Exercise on Adipose Tissue Function in Different Fat DepotsMaharjan, Babu Raja
6-Jun-2016Maternal obesity predisposes offspring towards the development of chronic kidney diseaseGlastras, Sarah Jean
16-Apr-2014Obesity and Insulin Resistance in AdolescentsHo, Man
2012Owning the problem: Media portrayals of overweight dogs and the shared determinants of the health of human and companion animal populationsDegeling, C; Rock, M
13-May-2013Promoting Health and Nutrition Through Sport: Attitudes of the Junior Sporting CommunityKelly, Bridget; Baur, Louise A; Bauman, Adrian; King, Lesley; Chapman, Kathy; Smith, Ben; PANORG
12-Nov-2012Reporting Obesity: A Resource For JournalistsBonfiglioli, Catriona; PANORG
5-Aug-2014The role of Annexin A6 in hepatic lipid and glucose homeostasisCairns, Rose Fuchsia Jen
1999Which body size? : a cross-cultural study of body composition and body perceptionCraig, Pippa; Faculty of Medicine