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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Aug-2008Body composition analysis in the assessment of cancer cachexia treatment outcomesAslani, Alireza
21-May-2013Building Solutions to Protect Children from Unhealthy Food and Drink Sport Sponsorship.Kelly, Bridget; Chapman, Kathy; Baur, Louise A; Bauman, Adrian; King, Lesley; Smith, Ben
2011Characterisation of Porcine Colostrum and its Impact on Piglet GrowthGeale, Pauline. F.
13-May-2013Comparability of Dietary Measures Among NSW Children and Adolescents.Hebden, Lana; PANORG
13-May-2013Evidence Module: Workplace Physical Activity and Nutrition Interventions.Chau, Josephine; PANORG
13-May-2013‘Green’ and ‘Amber’ Foods: Analysing the Nutritional Content of Food and Beverage Products Registered with Healthy Kids Association.Innes-Hughes, Christine; Hebden, Lana; PANORG
2011Increasing the frequency of breakfast consumptionKothe, Emily Jane; Mullan, Barbara A
Jun-2015Metabolic effects of access to sucrose drink in female rats and transmission of some effects to their offspringKendig, Michael D.; Ekayanti, Winda; Stewart, Hayden; Boakes, Robert A.; Rooney, Kieron; School of Psychology
2004NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey (SPANS) 2004 - Summary ReportBooth, M; Okely, AD; Denney-Wilson, E; Hardy, L; Yang, B; Dobbins, T; NSW Department of Health; NSW Centre for Overweight and Obesity; School of Public Health
13-May-2013Promoting Health and Nutrition Through Sport: Attitudes of the Junior Sporting CommunityKelly, Bridget; Baur, Louise A; Bauman, Adrian; King, Lesley; Chapman, Kathy; Smith, Ben; PANORG
Feb-2005Review of Program 2: Products and ProcessingMiskelly, Di; Johnson, Clare; Value Added Wheat CRC
30-Aug-2013The role of macronutrient balance on appetite, metabolic health and ageing in a mouse modelSolon-Biet, Samantha Marie
31-Mar-2017Starch utilisation in broiler chickens with emphases on grain sorghum, exogenous phytase and whole grain feedingTruong, Ha Hong