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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Oct-2007“ Bold in the Senate House and Brave at War ” : Naval Officers in the House of Commons 1715 - 1815Cunningham, David
2-Oct-2007Discourses of democracy and exclusion in the streets of Belgrade , 1968 - 1997Robertson, James
22-Jan-2008The Formation of Right-Wing Anti-Elitist Discourse Amongst Australian Intellectuals: 1972 - 1988Belford, Aubrey
24-Feb-2012The Indonesian Turning Point 1965-66Martens, Robert
1990Law as rules of behavioural choice : an exploration of jurisprudential systemsGray, Pamela N.
2-May-2016The Many Dimensions of the String Theory WarsRitson, Sophie
1-Mar-2007Mythos and Eros in Fin de Siecle Russia : Zinaida Gippius’ Sexual RevolutionHetherington, Philippa
Jul-2006On The Differences Between The Sciences: Comparing Knowledge(s) of Health and Disease in the 19th CenturyCollyer, Fran
31-Mar-2013Philosophical and Historical Foundations of the Concept of Innovation: Some Implications for Contemporary Higher Education as a Service SectorStevenson, Lawrence
Dec-2015The Politics of Madness in a Penal Colony: New South Wales, 1788-1856Dunk, James Harrison
22-Jan-2008Prior to Bolingbroke : How a ‘minor’ poet and diplomat shaped the greatest events of his dayEmanuel, Phillip L
Aug-2015Sailing on Glory : A poetical palimpsest of the passenger craft of Sydney Harbour 1788-1932Merlyn, Teri
2006A short geological and environmental historyBirch, Gavin; Birch, Gavin
2013The siren song: Identity, belonging and Australian artists abroad, 1890-1914Robertson, Kate
17-Oct-2007Strange Bodies and Familiar Spaces: W. J. R. Simpson and the threat of disease in Calcutta and the tropical city, 1880 - 1910Cameron-Smith, Alexander
Sep-2015A theoretical approach to energy securityPeck, Ronald Michael
22-Jan-2008Unwanted Husbands and Adultery : Medieval Marriage in the Twelfth-Century Tristan and Isolde LegendLähteelä, Heli Maria Mirjami