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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014Ant colonies prefer nest sites containing infectious corpsesPontieri, Luigi; Vojvodic, Svjetlana; Graham, Riley; Pedersen, Jes; Linksvayer, Timothy
Jul-2014Antimicrobial production and the evolution of eusociality in the gall-inducing thrips of AustraliaCoates, Peterson; Stow, Adam; Chapman, Tom; Turnbull, Christine; Beattie, Andrew
Jul-2014Appeasement versus fighting: a new slavemaker employs alternative raiding strategiesKleeberg, Isabelle; Feldmeyer, Barbara; Jongepier, Evelien; Foitzik, Susanne
Jul-2014Collective defense portfolios shift consistently with social parasite pressureJongepier, Evelien; Kleeberg, Isabelle; Job, Sylwester; Foitzik, Susanne
Jul-2014Context-dependent detection of fungal parasites in four ant speciesTranter, Christopher
Jul-2014Defensive strategies of Azteca ants against phorid fly parasitismMathis, Kaitlyn; Tsutsui, Neil
Jul-2014Experimentally evolved trypanosome: infection success and virulence in the bumblebeeMarxer, Monika; Schmid-Hempel, Paul
Jul-2014Fortress defense in social aphidsLawson, Sarah P.; Legan, Andrew; Abbot, Patrick
Jul-2014Giant hornet ejecting venom to mark its territoryKen, Tan
Jul-2014Honeybees detection of foragers with cuticular profile altered by VarroaCappa, Federico; Bruschini, Claudia; Meconcelli, Stefania; Protti, Ilaria; Pieraccini, Giuseppe; Turillazzi, Stefano; Cervo, Rita
Jul-2014Honeybees' physiological and behavioural immunity deficit induced by DW VirusesBaracchi, David; Di Prisco, Gennaro; Gentili, Valentina; Pennacchio, Francesco; Turillazzi, Stefano
Jul-2014How do gall-forming social aphids keep their closed nest clean?Kutsukake, Mayako; Meng, Xian-Ying; Katayama, Noboru; Nikoh, Naruo; Shibao, Harunobu; Fukatsu, Takema
Jul-2014Molecular mechanism of self-sacrificing gall repair by soldier aphidsKutsukake, Mayako; Shigenobu, Shuji; Meng, Xian-Ying; Fukatsu, Takema
Jul-2014Novel defense by honeybees against mass attack by giant waspsMattila, Heather; Otis, Gard; Duc Pham, Hanh; Nguyen, Lien; Knight, Olivia
Jul-2014Olfactory modulation of honeybee aggressivenessNouvian, Morgane; Giurfa, Martin; Reinhard, Judith
Jul-2014Role of exocrine glands in social insect defenceBillen, Johan
Jul-2014Role of JH in the sex-biased termite soldier differentiationMaekawa, Kiyoto; Hanmoto, Shutaro; Watanabe, Dai; Toga, Kouhei; Miura, Toru
Jul-2014Social immunity and sanitary risks management in ant Myrmica rubraLeclerc, Jean-Baptiste; Detrain, Claire
Jul-2014Social Insect Antimicrobial Secretions: Prevention Rather Than CureBeattie, Andrew
Jul-2014Social insect soldiers double up as medicsCaravan, Holly; Turnbull, Christine; Chapman, Tom; Beattie, Andrew