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1780Antiphonarium ordinis-
1781Antiphonarium ordinis [manuscript]-
1781Antiphonarium ordinis-
1781Antiphonarium ordinis 1781-
BrownElements1803.tif.jpg1803Elementa medicinaeBrown, John
1807Practical rules for playing & teaching the piano forte & organ : with observation on the accompaniment & performance of vocal music, likewise usefull information to teachers and pupils, born blindCheese, Mr. (Griffith James), 1751-1804.; Jousse, J., 1760-1837.
Kater1.tif.jpg1818An account of experiments for determining the length of the pendulum vibrating seconds, in the latitude of London / by Henry Kater. On the length of the French metre estimated in the parts of the English standard / by Henry Kater. Remarks on the probabilities of error in physical observations ... / by Thomas Young. Observations for ascertaining the length of the pendulum at Madras ... / by John Goldingham. Letter from Captain Basil Hall, R. N. to Captain Kater ... Observations and experiments made at Port Bowen in the years 1824-25, ... / by W.E. Parry, Henry Foster and J.C. Ross. An account of experiments to determine the acceleration of the pendulum in different latitudes / by Edward Sabine. On the reduction to a vacuum of the vibrations of an invariable pendulum / by Edward Sabine. On the reduction to a vacuum of the vibrations of Captain Kater's convertible pendulum / by Edward Sabine.Kater, Henry
BellEngravings1824.tif.jpg1824Engravings of the arteries; illustrating the second volume of the anatomy of the human body: serving as an introduction to the surgery of the arteries.Bell, Charles
CelsusMedicinae1826frontis.tif.jpg1826Medicinae libri octo ... praefixa de Celsi vita dissertatione : concinnavit ... Eduardus MilliganCelsus, Aulus Cornelius
BeaumontExperiments1834.tif.jpg1834Experiments and observations on the gastric juice, and the physiology of digestion.Beaumont, William
1843Introduction to the practice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales : with the rules of court, so far as they relate to an action at law ; and notes of some decided casesStephen, Alfred, Sir, 1802-1894
1863On the evidence of accomplices : containing references to all the reports on the subject, from the time of Lord Holt in 1696, down to the present timePlunkett, John Hubert, 1802-1869.
1869Colonial law reformFisher, T.J. (Thomas John)
1870Catalogue of the Museum of Antiquities of the Sydney UniversityNicholson Museum
1872[Diary of a voyage from England to Australia on the ship "Asia", 1871-1872]Jenner, Louisa
1873Proposals for improvements to the city of Bombay : their nature, the necessity for them and the mode of providing their cost.Pedder, W.G.
1874Narrative of the steps taken in promoting the separation of Queensland from New South Wales : with notices of the early history of the colonyLang, John Dunmore, 1799-1878
Back2.jpg.jpg1879Garden Palace Journal : a compendium of carefully compiled descriptive notices of exhibits at the Sydney International Exhibition of 1879-80.-
Aug-1882Ein Besuch auf der Missionstation Ramahnuck am Lake Wellington in Gippsland (Victoria, Australien).Barfus, Francis
CurrMap1.tif.jpg1887Australian race: its origin, languages, customs, place of landing in Australia, and the routes by which it spread itself over that continent (1887)Curr, Edward M