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    • Rational design of a commensurate (3+3)-D modulated structure within the fast-ion conducting stabilized δ-Bi2O3 series 

      Wind, Julia; Polt, Julia; Zhang, Zhaoming; Blom, Douglas A; Vogt, Thomas; Withers, Ray L; Ling, Chris D (American Chemical Society, 2017)
      We report the systematic design, preparation, and characterization of the first commensurate member of the oxide-ionic conducting, (3 + 3)-D modulated, Type II phases of doped δ-Bi2O3. The incommensurate Type II modulation ...
    • Stability and range of the type II Bi1-xWxO1.5+1.5x solid solution 

      Wind, Julia; Kayser, Paula; Zhang, Zhaoming; Radosavljevic Evans, Ivana; Ling, Chris D (Elsevier, 2017)
      We have established the stability and range of the cubic type II phase of Bi1-xWxO1.5+1.5x using a combination of X-ray diffraction, neutron diffraction and X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Type II is a high temperature ...
    • Thermal Expansion Behavior in TcO2. Towards breaking the Tc-Tc bond. 

      Reynolds, Emily; Zhang, Zhaoming; Avdeev, Maxim; Thorogod, Gordon J; Poineau, Frederic; Czerwinski, Kenneth R; Kimpton, Justin A; Kennedy, Brendan J (ACS, 2017)
      The structure of TcO2 between 25 and 1000 °C has been determined in-situ using powder diffraction methods and is found to remain monoclinic in space group P21/c. The thermal expansion in TcO2 is highly anisotropic with ...