• Repurposing Existing Medications for Coronavirus Disease 2019: Protocol for a Rapid and Living Systematic Review 

      Geisler, Benjamin P.; Zahabi, Lara; Lang, Adam E.; Eastwood, Naomi; Tennant, Elaine; Lukic, Ljiljan; Sharon, Elad; Chuang, Hai-Hua; Kang, Chang-Berm; Clayton-Johnson, Knakita; Aljaberi, Ahmed; Yu, Haining; Bui, Chinh; Le Mau, Tuan; Li, Wen-Cheng; Teodorescu, Debbie; Hinske, Ludwig Christian; Sun, Dennis L.; Manian, Farrin A.; Dunn, Adam G.
      Published 2020-01-01
      Background: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has no known specific treatments. However, there might be in vitro and early clinical data as well as evidence from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and Middle Eastern ...