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28-Mar-2015Are women birthing in New South Wales hospitals satisfied with their care?Ford, Jane B.; Hindmarsh, Diane; Browne, Kim; Todd, Angela L.
20-Oct-2016Breastfeeding issues - Initiating and sustaining breastfeeding: a literature summaryLum, Margaret N.; Todd, Angela L.; Porter, Maree
2016Ethnicity or cultural group identity of pregnant women in Sydney, Australia: is country of birth a reliable proxy measure?Porter, Maree; Todd, Angela L.; Zhang, Lillian Y.
1-Jun-2016Maternity Care in NSW - Having Your Say 2013-14. A survey about women’s views of their maternity careTodd, Angela L.; Porter, Maree; Ampt, Amanda J.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Nicholl, Michael C.; Roberts, Christine L.
2012Pathways to a rising caesarean section rate: a population-based cohort studyRoberts, Christine L.; Algert, Charles S.; Ford, Jane B.; Todd, Angela L.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
2015Pre-notification letter type and response rate to a postal survey among women who have recently given birthTodd, Angela L.; Porter, Maree; Williamson, Jennifer; Patterson, Jillian A.; Roberts, Christine L.
22-Aug-2017Preconception Care - Issues PaperLum, Margaret N.; Todd, Angela L.
2013Reducing caesarean section rates ? no easy taskRoberts, Christine L.; Algert, Charles S.; Todd, Angela L.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
1-Mar-2016Supporting research translation through partnershipLum, Margaret N.; Todd, Angela L.; Porter, Maree; Matha, Deborah V.
2016Testing a health research instrument to develop a statewide survey on maternity careTodd, Angela L.; Aitken, Clare A.; Boyd, Jason; Porter, Maree
17-Oct-2014Woman-centred maternity care: what do women say? Protocol for a survey of women receiving maternity care in NSWTodd, Angela L.; Roberts, Christine L.; Porter, Maree; Morris, Jonathan M.; Nicholl, Michael C.
2017Women's views about the timing of birthTodd, Angela L.; Zhang, Lillian Y.; Khambalia, Amina Z.; Roberts, Christine L.
2015Women’s beliefs about the duration of pregnancy and the earliest gestational age to safely give birth.Zhang, LY; Todd, Angela L.; Khambalia, Amina; Roberts, Christine L.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research, University of Sydney, NSW Australia
May-2014Women’s expectations and experiences in maternity care: how do women conceptualise the process of continuity?Jenkins, M. G.; Ford, Jane B.; Forsyth, R.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Roberts, Christine L.; Todd, Angela L.