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    • Annual Report 2014 

      University of Sydney (Brand and Marketing Services, University of Sydney, 2015-05)
    • Annual Report 2015 

      University of Sydney (Brand and Marketing Services, University of Sydney, 2016-05)
    • Annual Report 2016 

      University of Sydney (The University of Sydney, 2017-05)
    • Annual Report 2017 

      University of Sydney (Marketing and Communications, 2017)
    • Australian children with cleft palate achieve age-appropriate speech by 5 years of age 

      Chacon, Antonia; Parkin, Melissa; Broome, Kate; Purcell, Alison (Elsevier, 2017-09-28)
      Introduction: Children with cleft palate demonstrate atypical speech sound development, which can influence their intelligibility, literacy and learning. There is limited documentation regarding how speech sound errors ...
    • Bandpass Limiter 

      Vyas, Neil (2016-06-06)
      Bandpass Limiter is a limiter that has a bandpass filter included in its design. When an audio signal is input into the limiter, it band-passes the audio signal before it gets to the limiter stage. The Bandpass Limiter can ...
    • Basso-Forte DSP Product Proposal 

      Arcila, Javier; Acoustics), Master in Architectural Sciences (Audio (2016-06-06)
      Much of the music produced nowadays is heard through headphones or small loudspeakers. This implies a considerable lost in sound quality when using this type of devices for music reproduction, especially for the low ...
    • distCONV: A Revolutionary Time-Variant, Dynamic Convolution/Distortion Processor! 

      Natoli, Daniel John (2016-06-05)
      distCONV is a revolutionary dynamic convolution/distortion processor that allows a user to convolve two audio files (.wav) whilst applying time-augmentation and distortion processing to the convolved signal over time. The ...
    • Front Matter 

      The University of Sydney; Webby, Elizabeth (Sydney Univesity Press, 2007)
    • Multi-Band Compressor 

      Ashpole, James (2016-06-06)
      Multi-band effects give engineers much more control over how they affect their signal. In conjunction with compressors they allow precise sculpting of a sounds dynamics to ensure optimal quality in a recording. A Multi-band ...
    • University of Sydney faculty handbooks web archive 2016 

      University of Sydney (Digital and Print Media, University of Sydney, 2016)