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    • A Carbon Budget for a Large Drowned River Valley Estuary Adjacent to an Emerging Megacity (Sydney Harbour) 

      Tanner, Edwina (University of Sydney Faculty of Science School of Geosciences, 2019-07-25)
      Urban estuaries are an important interface between the land and sea where large amounts of terrestrial carbon and anthropogenic inputs are deposited from the catchment. Along the estuary, carbon is released as CO2 to the ...
    • CO2 Data Sydney Harbour Estuary 2013 

      Tanner, Edwina (The University of Sydney Faculty of Science, 2019)
      The dataset includes CO2 and ancillary data collected during 2013 in the Sydney Harbour Estuary. A total of 7 monthly field excursions were completed along the waterways of the Sydney Harbour Estuary and its tributaries ...