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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A Broader Perspective on Social Outcomes in TransportLowe, Christopher; Stanley, John; Stanley, Janet
2007Delivering Trusting Partnerships For Route Bus Services: A Melbourne Case StudyStanley, John
2005Designing Public Transport To Foster Patronage And Social InclusionStanley, Janet; Stanley, John; Lucas, Stephen
2011Environmental and social taxes: reforming road pricing in AustraliaHensher, David A.; Stanley, John
Sep-2011Environmental and social taxes: Reforming road pricing in AustraliaStanley, John; Hensher, David; ITLS
Jul-2017Getting off the greenhouse gas: Public transport’s potential contribution in Australian citiesStanley, John; Ellison, Richard; Loader, Chris; Hensher, David A.; ITLS
2017Getting off the greenhouse gas: Public transport’s potential contribution in Australian cities.Stanley, John; Ellison, Richard; Loader, Chris; Hensher, David A.
Nov-2011Improved information for better land transport in our citiesStanley, John; ITLS
2007Investigating Links Between Transport Disadvantage, Social Exclusion And Well-Being In Melbourne – Preliminary ResultsCurrie, Graham; Richardson, Tony; Smyth, Paul; Vella-Brodrick, Dianne; Hine, Julian; Lucas, Karen; Stanley, Janet; Morris, Jenny; Kinnear, Ray; Stanley, John
2007Marketing Of Public Transport Services To Achieve Patronage Growth In A Multi-Private Operator EnvironmentCarolan, Bernie; Stanley, John
Jan-2004Melbourne’s Public Transport Franchising: Lessons for PPPsStanley, John; Hensher, David A.; ITLS
Jan-2010Metropolitan bus service contracts (MBSC): Thoughts on the next roundHensher, David A.; Stanley, John; ITLS
Jun-2002Performance-Based Quality Contracts in Bus Service ProvisionHensher, David A.; Stanley, John; ITLS
Jul-2010Social exclusion and the value of mobilityStanley, John; Hensher, David A.; Stanley, Janet; Currie, Graham; Greene, William H.; Vella-Brodrick, Dianne; ITLS
2017Social exclusion: the roles of mobility and bridging social capital in regional AustraliaStanley, John; Stanley, Janet
Jul-2009Urban transport in Australia: Has it reached breaking point?Stanley, John; Hensher, David; ITLS