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2007Backwards, forwards and in-between : nostalgic landscapes, photography, identity and the return journey 'home'Kwiatkowski, Maksymilian; School of Geosciences
2007Biodiversity-related traditional knowledge in Thailand : intellectual property relations and geographies of knowledge regulationRobinson, Daniel Francis.; School of Geosciences
2001Blacksands settlement : a case for urban permanence in VanuatuMecartney, Sarah Anne Nautong; School of Geosciences
2009Cretaceous Palaeogeography of Eastern Australia: Connecting the Deep Earth to Surface ProcessesMatthews, Kara; School of Geosciences
2005The environmental reconstruction of the last glacial cycle at Redhead Lagoon in coastal, eastern AustraliaWilliams, Nicola Jane; School of Geosciences
1989A field study of wave-sediment interaction in the swash zoneHughes, Michael G; School of Geosciences
1977Geochemistry, geochronology and fluid inclusion studies of prophyry copper mineralization at the Koloula igneous complex, guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsChivas, A. R. (Allan Ross); School of Geosciences
2012Harbouring Discontent: World Heritage, the Great Barrier Reef and the Gladstone Port DevelopmentDavey, Madeline Nell; School of Geosciences
2009The Influence of Physical and Anthropogenic Factors on a Channel’s Geomorphic DiversityWhite, Alicia; School of Geosciences
2001Molecular fossils in Archean rocksBrocks, Jochen J.; School of Geosciences; Division of Geology and Geophysics
2010Monumental challenges : local perspectives on world heritage landscape regulation at Angkor Archaeological Park, CambodiaGillespie, Josephine Suzanne; School of Geosciences
2009Multi-Scale Morphodynamic Assessment of an Embayed Low Energy Estuarine Beach, Shoal Bay, Port Stephens, NSWHarris, Daniel; School of Geosciences
2009The role of cyclic climatic regimes and riparian vegetation: a qualitative and quantitative study into the cause of river bank slope instability and channel widening on the Macdonald River, New South Wales.Murray, Jaqueline; School of Geosciences
2006Shoreface behaviour and equilibriumKaminsky, George M.; School of Geosciences
2004The significance of mega-rips along an embayed coastCoutts-Smith, Aaron J.; School of Geosciences
2008Stochastic model of extreme coastal water levels, New South Wales, AustraliaBurston, Joanna; School of Geosciences
2000Structure and formation of the Argo Abyssal Plain and the adjacent shelf off the North West AustraliaKritski, Alexander; School of Geosciences
2002Tonga's contemporary land tenure system : reality and rhetoricHalatuituia, Sione Nailasikau Kitefakalau.; School of Geosciences
2009Wan nes nomo - Place & access to primary care in rural VanuatuPetrou, Kirstie; School of Geosciences
2009What Triggers and Barriers to Practicing Consumption Ideals Must Be Addressed By Sustainable Consumption Solutions?Oberthur, David; School of Geosciences