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2012A bridge between cultures: Interpreters’ perspectives of consultations with migrant oncology patientsButow, PN; Lobb, E; Jefford, M; Goldstein, D; Eisenbruch, M; Girgis, A; King, M; Sze, M; Aldridge, L; Schofield, P
2013Evaluating a nurse-led survivorship care package (SurvivorCare) for bowel cancer survivors.Jefford, M; Aranda, S; Gough, K; Lotfi-Jam, K; Butow, PN; Krishnasamy, M; Young, J; Phipps-Nelson, J; Russell, L; King, D; Schofield, P
2013Inferior health-related quality of life and psychological wellbeing in immigrant cancer survivors. A population-based studyButow, PN; Aldridge, L; Bell, ML; Sze, M; Eisenbruch, M; Jefford, M; Schofield, P; Girgis, A; King, M; Duggal-Beri, P; McGrane, J; Goldstein, D
2008The Lockhart Committee: developing policy through commitment to moral values, community and democratic processesSkene, L; Kerridge, I; Marshall, B; McCombe, P; Schofield, P
2013A nurse- and peer-led support program to assist women in gynaecological oncology receiving curative radiotherapySchofield, P; Juraskova, I; Bergin, R; Gough, K; Mileshkin, L; Krishnasamy, M; White, K; Bernshaw, D; Penberthy, S; Aranda, S
2016Toward structured peer support interventions in oncology: A qualitative insight into the experiences of gynaecological cancer survivors providing peer supportHuntingdon, B; Schofield, P; Wolfowicz, Z; Bergin, R; Kabel, D; Edmunds, J; Penberthy, S; Juraskova, I
2013Unmet needs in immigrant cancer survivors: a cross-sectional population-based studyButow, PN; Bell, ML; Aldridge, LJ; Sze, M; Eisenbruch, M; Jefford, M; Schofield, P; Girgis, A; King, M; Duggal, PS; McGrane, J; Goldstein, D
2014What is this active surveillance thing? Men's and partners' reactions to treatment decision making for prostate cancer when active surveillance is the recommended treatment optionO'Callaghan, C; Dryden, T; Hyatt, A; Brooker, J; Burney, S; Wootten, A; Schofield, P