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Jul-2016Accuracy of hands v. household measures as portion size estimation aidsGibson, AA; Hsu, MSH; Rangan, A; Lee, CMY; Das, A; Seimon, RV; Sainsbury, Amanda
Dec-2009Additive actions of the cannabinoid and neuropeptide Y systems on adiposity and lipid oxidationZhang, L; Lee, NJ; Nguyen, AD; Enriquez, RF; Riepler, SJ; Stehrer, B; Yulyaningsih, E; Lin, S; Shi, YC; Baldock, PA; Herzog, H; Sainsbury, Amanda
May-2000Adrenalectomy reduces neuropeptide Y-induced insulin release and NPY receptor expression in the rat ventromedial hypothalamusWisialowski, T; Parker, R; Preston, E; Sainsbury, Amanda; Kraegen, EW; Herzog, H; Cooney, GJ
Aug-2012Adult-onset PYY overexpression in mice reduces food intake and increases lipogenic capacityShi, YC; Hämmerle, C; Lee, ICJ; Turner, N; Nguyen, AD; Riepler, SJ; Lin, S; Sainsbury, Amanda; Herzog, H; Zhang, L
Jun-2014The Anorectic Actions of the TGFb Cytokine MIC-1/GDF15 Require an Intact Brainstem Area Postrema and Nucleus of the Solitary TractTsai, VWW; Manadhar, R; Jorgensen, SB; Lee-Ng, KK; Zhang, HP; Marquis, CP; Jiang, L; Husaini, Y; Lin, S; Sainsbury, Amanda; Sawchenko, PE; Brown, DA; Breit, SN
Dec-2012Anorexia/cachexia of chronic diseases: a role for the TGF-β family cytokine MIC-1/GDF15Tsai, VWW; Husaini, YC; Manadhar, R; Lee-Ng, M; Zhang, HP; Harriott, K; Jiang, L; Lin, S; Sainsbury, Amanda; Brown, DA; Breit, SN
Feb-2013Arcuate NPY Controls Sympathetic Output and BAT Function via a Relay of Tyrosine Hydroxylase Neurons in the PVNShi, YC; Lau, J; Lin, Z; Zhang, H; Zhai, L; Sperk, G; Heilbronn, R; Mietzsch, M; Weger, S; Huang, XF; Enriquez, RF; Baldock, PA; Zhang, L; Sainsbury, Amanda; Herzog, H; Lin, S
Feb-2001Axonemal Beta Heavy Chain Dynein DNAH9: cDNA Sequence, Genomic Structure, and Investigation of Its Role in Primary Ciliary DyskinesiaBartoloni, L; Blouin, J-L; Maiti, AK; Sainsbury, Amanda; Rossier, C; Gehrig, C; She, J-X; Marron, MP; Lander, ES; Meeks, M; Chung, E; Armengot, M; Jorissen, M; Scott, HS; Delozier-Blanchet, CD; Gardiner, RM; Antonarakis, SE
Dec-2014Bariatric Surgery and Bone Loss: Do We Need to Be Concerned?Brzozowska, M; Sainsbury, Amanda; Eisman, J; Baldock, PA; Center, J
Jan-2013Bariatric surgery, bone loss, obesity and possible mechanismsBrzozowska, M; Sainsbury, Amanda; Eisman, J; Baldock, PA; Centre, J
2012The biology of weight controlSainsbury, Amanda
Mar-2014Call for an urgent rethink of the ‘health at every size’ conceptSainsbury, Amanda; Hay, P
Apr-2001Central but Not Peripheral Glucocorticoid Infusion in Adrenalectomized Male Rats Increases Basal and Substrate-Induced Insulinemia through a Parasympathetic PathwaySainsbury, Amanda; Wilks, D; Cooney, GJ
Dec-2011Central neuropeptide Y infusion and melanocortin 4 receptor antagonism inhibit thyrotropic function by divergent pathwaysPreston, E; Cooney, JG; Wilks, D; Baran, K; Zhang, L; Kraegen, EW; Sainsbury, Amanda
Jan-2002Chronic central melanocortin-4 receptor antagonism and central neuropeptide-Y infusion in rats produce increased adiposity by divergent pathwaysBaran, K; Preston, E; Wilks, D; Cooney, GJ; Kraegen, EW; Sainsbury, Amanda
Jul-2006Combined Deletion of Y1, Y2, and Y4 Receptors Prevents Hypothalamic Neuropeptide Y Overexpression-Induced Hyperinsulinemia despite Persistence of Hyperphagia and ObesityLin, E-JD; Sainsbury, Amanda; Lee, NJ; Boey, D; Couzens, M; Enriquez, R; Slack, K; Bland, R; During, MJ; Herzog, H
2015Comparing cognitive behavioural therapy for eating disorders integrated with behavioural weight loss therapy to cognitive behavioural therapy-enhanced alone in overweight or obese people with bulimia nervosa or binge eating disorder: study protocol for a randomised controlled trialPalavras, MA; Hay, P; Touyz, S; Sainsbury, Amanda; da Luz, FQ; Swinbourne, J; Estella, NM; Claudino, A
Sep-2016Comparison of Very Low Energy Diet Products Available in Australia and How to Tailor Them to Optimise Protein Content for Younger and Older Adult Men and WomenGibson, Alice A.; Franklin, Janet; Pattinson, AL; Cheng, Zilvia G. Y.; Samman, Samir; Markovic, TP; Sainsbury, Amanda
Feb-2005Compensatory changes in [125I]-PYY binding in Y receptor knockout mice suggest the potential existence of further Y receptor(s)Lin, S; Boey, D; Couzens, M; Lee, N; Sainsbury, Amanda; Herzog, H
May-2006Conditional deletion of hypothalamic Y2 receptors reverts gonadectomy-induced bone loss in adult miceAllison, SJ; Baldock, PA; Sainsbury, Amanda; Enriquez, R; Lee, NJ; Lin, EJD; Klugmann, M; During, M; Eisman, JA; Li, M; Pan, LC; Herzog, H