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3-Aug-2016All care, but whose responsibility? Community juries reason about expert and patient responsibilities in prostate-specific antigen screening for prostate cancerDegeling, C; Carter, SM; Rychetnik, L
2016CJCheck Stage 1: development and testing of a checklist for reporting community juries – Delphi process and analysis of studies published in 1996–2015Thomas, R; Sims, R; Degeling, C; Street, JM; Carter, SM; Rychetnik, L; Whitty, JA; Wilson, A; Ward, P; Glaziou, P
Dec-2016Doctors' perspectives on PSA testing illuminate established differences in prostate cancer screening rates between Australia and the UK: a qualitative study.Pickles, K; Carter, SM; Rychetnik, L; Entwistle, V
2015Doctors’ approaches to PSA testing and overdiagnosis in primary healthcare: a qualitative study.Pickles, K; Carter, SM; Rychetnik, L
2013Enhancing Citizen Engagement in Cancer Screening Through Deliberative DemocracyRychetnik, L; Carter, SM; Abelson, J; Hazel, T; Barratt, A; Entwistle, V; Mackenzie, G; Salkeld, G; Glaziou, P
2012The ethical commitments of health promotion practitioners: an empirical study from New South Wales, AustraliaCarter, SM; Klinner, Christiane; Kerridge, I; Rychetnik, L; Li, V; Fry, D
2015Framing overdiagnosis in breast screening: a qualitative study with Australian experts.Parker, Lisa; Rychetnik, L; Carter, SM
2014Integrating research- and relationship-based approaches in Australian health promotion practiceKlinner, Christiane; Carter, SM; Rychetnik, L; Li, V; Daley, M; Zask, A; Lloyd, B
1-Jan-2013Patients' perspectives of long-term follow-up for localised cutaneous melanomaMorton, Rachael L; Rychetnik, L; McCaffery, K; Thompson, JF; Irwig, Les
19-Oct-2015The role of communication in breast cancer screening: a qualitative study with Australian expertsParker, Lisa; Rychetnik, L; Carter, SM
Jun-2015Screening for cervical, prostate and breast cancer: interpreting the evidenceCarter, SM; Williams, J; Parker, Lisa; Pickles, K; Jacklyn, G; Rychetnik, L; Barratt, A
2011Shared Health Governance: The Potential Danger of Oppressive “Healthism”.Carter, SM; Entwistle, V; McCaffery, K; Rychetnik, L
2013Symposium editorial: A Public Health Ethics Approach to Non-Communicable DiseasesCarter, SM; Rychetnik, L
2015Values in breast cancer screening: an empirical study with Australian expertsParker, Lisa; Rychetnik, L; Carter, SM
2011Virtuous acts as practical medical ethics: an empirical studyLittle, M; Gordon, J; Markham, P; Rychetnik, L; Kerridge, I
Mar-2015Which public and why deliberate? – A scoping review of public deliberation in public health and health policy research.Degeling, C; Carter, SM; Rychetnik, L