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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-May-2013Cycling to Work in Sydney: Analysis of Journey-To-Work Census Data from 2001 and 2011.Zander, Alexis; Rissel, Chris; Bauman, Adrian
Jan-2014Development of an online diary for longitudinal travel / activity surveysGreaves, Stephen; Ellison, Adrian B.; Ellison, Richard B.; Standen, Christopher; Rissel, Chris; Crane, Melanie; ITLS
12-Mar-2013Employer Perspectives of Workplace Health PromotionLaws, Rachel; St.George, Alexis; King, Lesley; Rissel, Chris
12-Nov-2012Evidence Update On Obesity Prevention Across The Life-courseHector, Debra; King, Lesley; Hardy, Louise; Alexis, St.George; Hebden, Lana; Espinel, Paola; Rissel, Chris; PANORG
12-Aug-2013A guide to the implementing a pedometer-based physical activity intervention, Step by Step, in workplacesRissel, Chris; St.George, Alexis; Laws, Rachel; Bohn-Goldbaum, Erika; Merom, Dafna; Passmore, Erin; Prevention Research Collaboration
24-Oct-2012PRC Workplace Survey on Health PromotionSt.George, Alexis; Laws, Rachel; King, Lesley; Hector, Debra; Bohn-Goldbaum, Erika; Portors, Claire; Newman, Christine; Rissel, Chris
18-Apr-2013A Review of Available Information on Workplace Physical Activity and Nutrition ChallengesHector, Debra; Espinel Diaz, Paola; St.George, Alexis; Macniven, Rona; Rissel, Chris; King, Lesley
21-May-2013Walking to Work in Sydney: Analysis of Journey-to-work Census Data from 2001 and 2011Zander, Alexis; Rissel, Chris; Rogers, Kris; Bauman, Adrian
2012Whole of society approaches to preventing obesity and diabetesPhongsavan, Philayrath; Rissel, Chris; King, Lesley; Bauman, Adrian