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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Nov-2013Australian Digital Commerce: A commentary on the retail sectorRiemer, Kai; Brunk, Jens; Gal, Uri; Gilchriest, Ben; Ord, Robert
ADTL_Digital Commerce_Infographic.jpg.jpg15-Jul-2014Australian Digital Commerce: Now is the Time for Australian Retailers to Address the Customer Engagement GapRiemer, Kai; Gal, Uri; Brunk, Jens; Gilchriest, Ben; Ord, Robert; Tong, Jo-An; The University of Sydney Business School and Capgemini
31-Mar-2015Digital Disruptive Intermediaries: Finding new digital opportunities by disrupting existing business modelsRiemer, Kai; Gal, Uri; Hamann, Jakob; Gilchriest, Ben; Teixeira, Martim; Discipline of Business Information Systems
23-Jan-2012Oh, SNEP! The Dynamics of Social Network Emergence - the case of Capgemini YammerRiemer, Kai; Overfeld, Philipp; Scifleet, Paul; Richter, Alexander; Business and Information Systems
16-May-2012Powercrowd: Enterprise Social Networking in Professional Service Work: A Case Study of Yammer at Deloitte AustraliaRiemer, Kai; Scifleet, Paul; Reddig, Ruwen; Business and Information Systems
27-Jul-2013The role of groups as local context in large Enterprise Social Networks: A Case Study of Yammer at Deloitte AustraliaRiemer, Kai; Tavakoli, Asin; Business and Information Systems
12-Dec-2012S.O.C.I.A.L. - Emergent Enterprise Social Networking Use Cases: A Multi Case Study ComparisonRiemer, Kai; Richter, Alexander; Business and Information Systems
28-Feb-2017The Fintech Advantage: Harnessing digital technology, keeping the customer in focusRiemer, Kai; Hafermalz, Ella; Roosen, Armin; Boussand, Nicolas; El Aoufi, Hind; Mo, David; Kosheliev, Alex
15-Mar-2011Tweet Talking - Exploring The Nature Of Microblogging at Capgemini YammerRiemer, Kai; Diederich, Stephan; Richter, Alexander; Scifleet, Paul; Business and Information Systems