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    • Imaging performance of a dedicated radiation transparent RF coil on a 1.0 Tesla inline MRI-linac. 

      Liney, GP; Dong, B; Weber, E; Rai, R; Destruel, A; Garcia-Alvarez, R; Manton, DJ; Jelen, U; Zhang, K; Barton, M; Keall, P; Crozier, S (IOPscience, 2018-06)
      This work describes the first imaging studies on a 1.0 Tesla inline MRI-Linac using a dedicated transmit/receive RF body coil that has been designed to be completely radio transparent and provide optimum imaging performance ...
    • Technical Note: Experimental results from a prototype high-field inline MRI-linac. 

      Liney, GP; Dong, B; Begg, J; Vial, P; Zhang, K; Lee, F; Walker, A; Rai, R; Causer, T; Alnaghy, SJ; Oborn, BM; Holloway, L; Metcalfe, P; Barton, M; Crozier, S; Keall, P (Wiley, 2016-09)
      PURPOSE: The pursuit of real-time image guided radiotherapy using optimal tissue contrast has seen the development of several hybrid magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-treatment systems, high field and low field, and ...
    • Towards real-time MRI-guided 3D localization of deforming targets for non-invasive cardiac radiosurgery. 

      Ipsen, S; Blanck, O; Lowther, NJ; Liney, GP; Rai, R; Bode, F; Dunst, J; Schweikard, A; Keall, P (IOPscience, 2016-11)
      Radiosurgery to the pulmonary vein antrum in the left atrium (LA) has recently been proposed for non-invasive treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF). Precise real-time target localization during treatment is necessary due ...