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    • Latent Inhibition Reduces Nocebo Nausea, Even Without Deception 

      Quinn, Veronica F; Livesey, Evan J; Colagiuri, Ben (Oxford University Press, 2017)
      Background: Nocebo nausea is a debilitating and prevalent side effect that can develop after conditioning occurs between cues present in the treatment context and the experience of nausea. Interventions that retard ...
    • Nocebo Hyperalgesia, Partial Reinforcement, and Extinction 

      Colagiuri, Ben; Quinn, Veronica F; Colloca, Luana (Elsevier Publishing, 2015)
      Many studies have found evidence of conditioning-induced nocebo hyperalgesia. However, these studies have exclusively involved continuous reinforcement schedules. Thus, it is currently unknown whether nocebo hyperalgesia ...